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Erotic ❤ MFM Ménage ❤

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Freeing Their Mistress

Book 1 of the Tulsa Immortals spin-off series

Raven’s Keep

Released on May 15th

Universal Amazon link: https://mybook.to/FreeingTheirMistress  

One Woman’s Sexual Journey of Self-Discovery & Deliverance.

Sadie is a human woman with a low-down, double dealing, ex-husband and a special needs son. She knows she can earn the cash she desperately needs working at Raven’s Keep – Tulsa’s exclusive paranormal BDSM club. But can she protect her own supernatural secrets at the same time? Once on the job, she is quickly dubbed Mistress Vanilla by the club’s patrons as she finds a new home at Raven’s Keep. Her instant attraction to the owners of the club grows daily but Sadie obstinately resists the magnetism of Masters Anton and Roi.

Will the Masters of the Keep, a Sadistic Vampire and a Voyeuristic Spell Weaver, be able to help Sadie tread the path to true freedom in a sexy pair of Come-F*ck-Me Heels or will her stubborn pride deprive them all of their happily ever after?


What’s coming next?  Writing as A.L. Hart, I’m releasing a Sweet & Spicy new series set in the Tulsa Immortals universe – ROAD WITCH!

Book 1 – “Smoke and Shadow” is slated to release June 28th with “Midnight Dancer” coming soon after!

Smoke & Shadow - Road Witch #1 (200x300)     Midnight Dancer - Road Witch #2 (200x300)


Over four thousand years ago one pantheon of greedy and impulsive gods came under attack by rival pantheons.  A dark curse put them all in eternal slumber, unless The Nine, a group of fallen goddesses turned mortal witches, can counter the evil of their family with their own good deeds.  But the curse can’t truly be broken until The Nine find their soulmates and bond with them. 

If you enjoy mythology, shifters, witches & motorcycles, you will love the ROAD WITCH series!  Pre-Order link for “Smoke and Shadow” coming soon!



Welcome to the many magickal worlds of Audra Hart

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Audra has been gifted with a naughty imagination and a driving need to create and share fantastical paranormal tales of action, suspense, adventure, and enough sexy romance to make your kindle sizzle in appreciation.  She loves to read and write sexy paranormal romance novels and strives to write romantic tales which are so exciting, so hot and so moving that her readers can gleefully escape their daily concerns while immersed in her fictional universe. As a lifelong fan of the Happily Ever After, Audra strives to give her readers true moments of joy within the pages of her books. The heroines in these stories are always strong and sensual survivors who find themselves bonded to powerful and sexy alpha-male heroes.

If you enjoy paranormal romance loaded with tons of action, in and out of the bedroom, as well as a fresh twist on mythology and folklore, then Audra Hart is the author for you. If you enjoy well developed characters, intricate plots and surprising twists… check out these stories! All of Audra’s novels are written to be enjoyed by adults only.

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