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G&W FREE w tatted torso, kindle cover and bike

Supernaturally SeXy Adventure in the Tulsa Immortals Universe

FREE for a limited time!

In celebration of the release of Elaine Barris’s “Devlin’s Desire”, you can journey into the Magickal Universe of the Tulsa Immortals with Audra Hart’s riveting “Gin & Wrath” for FREE



“I fell in love with Gin and Wrath instantly.”

“This author seriously knows how to make a story sizzle. The addiction is real people!! I can’t wait for her next book.”

“Unique take on the paranormal world. Kept me glued to my kindle.”


Born of magick, Wrath is a dedicated Immortal Enforcer at the Twin Ravens MC. He keeps his inner monster at bay with carefully controlled violence, sex, and utter domination…

Until sweet Virginia shows up at the MC, a target of the supernatural underworld. Her first encounter with the ageless Viking binds them together in a magickal connection that won’t be denied!

Can a savage and sadistic demi-god seduce a sweet, young virgin, and defeat her deadly enemies at the same time?

The Tulsa Immortals are excited to present the 6th installment in this supernaturally sexy mult-author series… “Devlin’s Desire” by Elaine Barris.

An evil Stone Cold vampire in the service of a corrupt goddess has Devlin’s sweet Jolie.  Now this swaggering vampire, with a checkered past, is desperate to save her.  He’s willing to swallow his pride and beg for help on bended knee, if necessary, to save his one true love, Jolie!  Devlin appeals to the Twin Ravens MC for help, but their hands are tied by United Council of Immortals.  In desperation, he turns to his own kind and attends The Decrees to get help.  This is an action packed tale where we meet exciting cross-over characters from the universe of the Flames of Vampire Passion series and the Master for Tonight books.  In short, it’s a bunch of bad-ass vamps, a sweet human captive in need of rescuing, and one crazy magickal dude who thinks he’s the prophet Elijah.  FUN STUFF! 

EB's banner for DD release

Pre-Order “Devlin’s Desire” by Elaine Barris for only 99 cents! 

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