Summer Sale

TI Reader apprec sale 6 covers Magick, mayhem & motorcycles

Shifters, Vamps, Warlocks & Demi-Gods are really heating things up in Tulsa – Come take a thrill ride with The TULSA IMMORTALS. 


Audra Hart’s multi-author series, the TULSA IMMORTALS, has truly captured the hearts and minds of paranormal romance fans everywhere.


AND NOW, the authors of the TULSA IMMORTALS have lowered our prices for the summer!  HAPPY SUMMERTIME READING!    


Immerse yourself in this magickal universe by reading two exciting trilogies which came before things began heating up in Tulsa; THE AIRENDELL CHRONICLES & THE BEAST REALM CHRONICLES by Audra Hart

AC promo Lucian never faltered starry sky


Lost Wanderer Awakened (Perma-Free) –

First Spell Weaver of Airendell

Wicked Rage of the Moon

BRC series promo MINE to love w all 3 covers

Beast Realm Chronicles:

Mara’s Homecoming – Episode I

Cameron’s Rescue – Episode II

Logan’s Redemption – Episode III


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