Her Robot Wolf by Jenny Schwartz

Her Robot Wolf Cover

BOOK TITLE  Her Robot Wolf: Gift of Gaia

AUTHOR:     Jenny Schwartz

GENRE:     Space opera, paranormal romance, Sci-Fi Adventure

BUY LINK:    http://www.amazon.com/dp/B072M3Q555

Available on Kindle Unlimited

DATE OF REVIEW:    June 5, 2017

REVIEWED BY:     Audra

STAR RATING:    5 Stars

HEADLINE:    Fresh, inventive, sexy, and entertaining.



I truly enjoyed this story! To my thinking, the basic concept for the tale and backstory were utterly intriguing. There are enough of my favorite story elements commonly found in Shifter Romance in this Sci-Fi adventure to appease my girly side. There are also space pirates, bounty hunters, psychic warriors, and alien worlds/species aplenty to delight my geeky side. The author skillfully weaves enough intrigue, deception, hidden agendas, and ancient mysteries/secrets in the mix to make the suspense/thriller lover in me purr like a kitten with bowl of cream.


This story is very well written, and advances at rapid pace, but never makes the reader feel as though the plot has left them behind. The author created complex, multi-dimensional characters who are likeable and engaging. The protagonists come together to face intrigue and often incredibly dangerous conflicts during the story line. Vulf and Jaya come face to face with a surprising and formidable villain, while coming to terms with their mating heat, and unavoidable demands on their individual lives.


At the end of the story, the author asks the readers if they want to see more adventures from Vulf and Jaya… HECK YEAH! More, please.


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