So…. what’s Audra up to now?

Okay, here’s the deal… My oldest son is getting married this weekend, as you can imagine I am a bit distracted from my writing and have found myself to be busy, busy with tons of last minute details.  However, I am slipping a bit of reading and writing in where I can.  I just wanted to post something on my blog to let the faithful readers of the Tulsa Immortals series know that I am working on new stories, as are Candi Fox and T Mike McCurley.  And it is my fondest hope that AM Halford and Elaine Barris will soon have new adventures to share soon.


Since my presence on social media is almost non-existent right now, I thought I’d share a cover and a few snippets to let folks know what I’m working on more Tulsa Immortals adventures.  [NOTE:  These are rough cuts from an unedited manuscript.]

Twist of Time, Copyright (c) 2017 Audra Hart – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, is a sexy MMF ménage set in the Tulsa Immortals universe.  This exciting tale is nearly complete and I hope to release this book later this month.  If after reading the following excerpts you think this something you would like to read and review, please send me an email at with “TWIST OF TIME ARC” in the subject line.  Please do not contact me if you are not committed to posting an honest review after reading the free copy of my book.

AH Twist of Time 400x600

Meet Callie Boyd.  A sweet, but strong human soul who has endured five torturous lifetimes prior to this existence to prepare her for her true purpose.  But Destiny won’t force Callie to assume her role in history alone.  She has fated this strong, but wounded woman to meet and claim two powerful, protective and loving men.

Kazar and Nyle are mates.  They’ve loved each other for over twenty years, but always knew in their hearts that something was missing, something has prevented these loving males from forming a true mating bond.

Enter Callie, a human female who is gentle yet strong.  This kinless woman has been ravaged and impregnated by a vicious vampire, yet cherishes the new life growing in her womb.  Before too long Kazar and Nyle stop suppressing their unexpected attraction for Callie and realize this sweet, sedate woman is destined to be the queen of their hearts, and first ruler in a new age.


“It has begun,” I speak into the nothingness as the words of the prophesy resound in my mind.
When the Queen’s Door is flung wide, and darkness banished, five new Dragon Queens will emerge from the mortal race. Each queen will be grounded in her humanity, and supported by proxy and consort so that she might fulfill her role as Arbiter and Guardian of the new universe as they take on the Dark Exploiter.

~ ~ ~ ~

Nyle keeps stealing glances at the female, unable to resist the attraction despite his guilt over his feelings. And it doesn’t help one little bit that this Callie seems just as taken with him. She frequently looks up at him through her lashes, in a shy but blatantly curious way.
That’s it, Nyle. She’s simply curious and you are behaving like a randy, unmated male, the Celtic shifter mentally chastises himself. Despite his inner struggle, he cannot deny the fact that this very average looking and wary female enthralls him. He longs to reach out and stroke her hair to see if it is truly as soft as it appears. He longs to pick her up and carry her to the room he shares with Kazar to nurture and protect her.
Thoughts of himself and Kazar stripping this female naked to cherish and possess her ripe, lush body makes the shifter go hard in an instant, and his inner beast howls his approval with the plan. But thoughts of Kazar also act like a bucket of cold water on his runaway libido. Yeah, that’s right, asshole. Kazar? Ringing any bell? You know your mate, whom you have not seen in over five years!
Nyle is feeling confused and angry. He has not had sex with or even been interested in another person since meeting Kazar over twenty years ago. And yet, after a few years away from his mate, his fickle wolf and cock suddenly decide to go ape-shit over some human female? What the fuck? Before Nyle can mentally thrash himself any further, a very familiar and beloved scent assails his senses, and rips his attention from the human female, his brethren and everything else in the entire realm.
Kazar! The enticing aroma of Kazar’s natural sandalwood scent, along with the hint of the argan oil the male always uses on his hair, wraps around Nyle’s mind and heart, making him turn to face the entrance to the MC. And there he stands… Kazar! At just under six feet tall, wiry and strong, the olive-skinned male with angular features, a hawkish nose and dark eyes is one of the most beautiful sights Nyle has ever had the honor of beholding.
“Mate!” he whispers. Nyle’s joy is boundless. His male, his mate, and his best friend is alive and standing there watching him with those wise and ancient eyes that have seen so much tragedy, evil and struggle over the ages.

Without conscious thought, Nyle’s feet carry him to stand before the keeper of his heart. The men clasp each other on the shoulder and for a moment, they become lost in each other’s eyes. Both men had feared, at times over the last five years, this reunion would never come. Without a word passing between them, because words are not needed in moments such as this when their souls are speaking so loudly of their joy, the males lean in to lovingly rest their foreheads against each other. Their souls entwine and soon their lips meet, and strong arms encircle each other as the rest of the world drifts away, leaving only the two lovers reunited after their horrendous separation.

Callie’s feet feel like they have been weighted down with concrete blocks. Her limbs refuse to respond to the commands of her brain as her heart shatters into millions of jagged shards. Yeah, shatters. As stupid as she feels in this instant, just a few moments ago she had felt expectant, hopeful, eager, and alive in a way that she has never experienced in her thirty-two years of life. The connection she had felt for that man, Nyle, was like nothing she had ever experienced before.
But in a single moment of time, that foolish notion was dashed when Nyle spotted the other man in the doorway. The very same man who had been watching Callie’s shop today from the Café across the street. The same man that has haunted her dreams for the last ten years… And yet, both men have now completely forgotten about Callie and the rest of the world. They only have eyes for each other.
Callie’s eyes begin to burn, and she can feel a tightness in her chest and throat as though she is about to cry. She chastises herself for being foolish and takes a few slow, deep breaths to calm herself before looking up into the wise and very knowing eyes of Susie Williams. Susie smiles her understanding and reaches out to take her hand and give a gentle squeeze that says so much more than words possibly could in this insane moment.

~ ~ ~ ~

Morna, the Spell Weaver and Airendell vamp, shows up a few minutes later to check on Callie’s progress. After performing her healer’s read and infusing Callie’s body with her healing energy, she tuts worriedly over her patient’s gaunt appearance and tightly strung emotional state. The wise female is looking at Nyle and Kazar speculatively and Callie wonders if the Spell Weaver is one of those Immortals who can read minds and she knows Callie’s sad little secret. That she is hopefully drawn and head over heels for two gay men, who are deeply committed… to each other. Pathetic much?
Morna’s next words confuse Callie. “Do you two bozos plan on mooning over this poor girl from your dark corner indefinitely, or do you plan to step up at some point and take care of your female?”
Their female? Wait! What? Now Callie is really confused, but the Spell Weaver’s demand of Kazar and Nyle makes her blush furiously, even though she’s not really sure why she is embarrassed. Callie knows she is very skilled at hiding her feelings. Surely they do not know about my insane attachment to them? But before she can fret any further over that question, Morna throws Callie for another loop.
The Spell Weaver is still staring imperiously at the two enforcers when she announces; “Feeding on the blood of her mates three times a day will do more to strengthen her and the baby than feeding on my blood.”
“Mates?” Kazar, Nyle and Callie bleat in unison.
“Well, duh,” Morna snaps impatiently. “Look guys, there’s too much at stake for me to allow you three to continue this little dance. Step up.” She looks down at Callie sitting up in her bed with her hand resting protectively over her swollen belly. “Put on your big girl panties and admit that you feel a connection for both of these men.”
Callie opens her mouth, and then closes it abruptly. Looking a great deal like a fish out of water, which makes Morna chuckle. “Doll, you know what you know. You are not a foolish woman.” Morna doesn’t give Callie a chance to respond, instead she turns a hard glare on the two men standing quietly in the corner. “And you two… there’s no good excuse for why you have dragged your feet about this. You know how this works. You felt the same exact pull to Callie that you felt for each other. Do the freakin’ math, boys, you are meant to be three, not two.” Morna rolls her eyes and looks back at her patient.
“But…” Callie begins, making Morna grin knowingly. “They are gay. I’m a woman. I. Am. Not. What. They. Want.
Morna chuckles and demands; “Are you sure about that?”
I am not what they want! She really just said that? And she sounded so fucking forlorn too. Damn. Nyle spends a moment trying sort through everything in his mind, and then he suddenly gets angry. Not at Callie, but at his mate and himself. We’ve known. We’ve both known, all along, and yet we dragged our feet just as the First Spell Weaver accused. The guilt he feels at that realization is not a welcome feeling, but he looks at his lover of over twenty years and realizes they both deserve to feel the weight of the shame. They’ve allowed their mate to face an uncertain and frightening future… alone.

~ ~ ~ ~

“I am ready to get this show on the road.”  Without another word, she moves quickly to get dressed.

Kazar and Nyle are watching her move as graceful as a gazelle with obvious power and confidence in every motion. They look at each other and wonder just what is happening with their female. When she arises effortlessly from the bed and strides towards the door, Nyle’s question doesn’t even slow her down.
“Get this show on the road?” Nyle demands. “Just what are you planning in that beautiful brain of yours, Callie Emma Boyd?”
She pauses long enough to look over her shoulder at her males. “Embracing our destiny, and then we are finally going to take this fight to the assholes who have made my existence a misery for five centuries.”
She whips open the bedroom door as her shocked males stare at each other in dumbfounded stupefaction. “Well, you heard our mate…” Kazar begins.
“Let’s go embrace our destiny,” Nyle completes the thought and they join their female in the hallway who is grinning at Blood and Morrígan.

WANT to read MORE before anyone else?

If you would be interested in reading and reviewing an Advance Review Copy of TIME OF TIME by Audra Hart, please send me an email at with “TWIST OF TIME ARC” in the subject line.

Please do not contact me for a FREE ARC if you are not committed to posting an honest review after reading the free copy of my book.

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