Beast Realm Trilogy Teaser

BRC Trilogy Teaser - come back to me on your own terms 2 sexy couple

As though being directed by the hand of Fate, Mara stumbles onto the ranch of her long lost mate after being violently ripped from his side over thirteen years ago.  With patient determination, the fated mates work to overcome their misunderstandings about past events, and yet they still must deal with Mara’s PTSD.


Excerpt from Beast Realm Trilogy: The Complete Revised Edition by Audra Hart, copyright (c) 2014, 2015, 2017 Audra Hart Publications


When we arrive in his bedroom I feel nervous and look around the room uncertain of how to behave.
Logan reaches out and cups my face with his right hand. “Baby, relax. You are home. I am your mate. You are safe with me. And you never have to do anything that you don’t want to do. I promise.”
I smile up at him. “I know that, Logan. I want to be here. I want to be with you, but I am not sure I can control my reactions being so close to you. If you surprise me or something.” I scrub my hands across my face and murmur; “Logically, I know I can protect myself even if I wasn’t perfectly safe with you. But my reactions when a man gets too close or touches me are irrational, crazy. I hope it won’t be that way with you, but…”
Logan steps closer. “I will never push you, baby. You are in charge, one hundred percent until you feel safe with me again.” I open my mouth to tell him that I already feel safe with him again, but he leans down and kisses my forehead. “I want you, Mara. Not just your luscious body, but all of you. I want my mate back. I have missed you, muirneach. But I am patient and will wait until you can come back to me on your own terms.”
I sob despite my efforts to control my reaction and wrap my arms around Logan as I nuzzle into his chest for several minutes before I look up into his gorgeous face. “Mo leannan, I want you. You have to know that. Surely you can scent my arousal around you?” Logan nods and gives me a sly smile. “But I am not really sure if I can act on it.”
“Baby steps, Pixie. Let’s start by getting used to being around each other again in close quarters. You know, getting ready for bed together, sleeping beside each other. Ordinary things like that to let our intimacy progress naturally. Touching, kissing, loving… it will come, muirneach. It will come.”

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