Review of Cynthia Knoble’s “Claimed by Her Wolves” – Book 1 of the Willow Creek Pack series

Claimed by her wolves cover
Claimed by Her Wolves
(The Willow Creek Pack Book 1)
By Cynthia Knoble

✫✫✫✫ 4 Stars! ✫✫✫✫

Ms. Knoble’s tagline is Hot with a Plot and she certainly delivers with this tale!
There is LOTS of Steamy bedroom action in this fantastical tale about a human female who suddenly discovers the paranormal is real and directly impacts her life – in form of 3, yep count ’em, 3 bad-ass, strong, Alpha Male mates! EEEEEEK!
And to further complicate things, there is a biological pull between mates which produces physical pain and illness. Double EEEEEEK!
Add an outside threat, a murder, hot tempers and big mouths into the mix and BLAMO you have one helluva wild ride!

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