Twist of Time

The Ruby Queen Awakens
Book 7 in the epic Tulsa Immortals series

TOT teaser - embrace our destiny

Twist of Time

The Ruby Queen Awakens

Book 7 in the epic Tulsa Immortals series

Twist of Time is an epic tale of love without boundaries. This is a sexy MMF ménage fantasy adventure featuring Vampires, Shifters and Dragons. Don’t miss out on this  sultry saga set in the Tulsa Immortals universe. Adult Content abounds in this tale.

We hope to have the pre-order link any day now and will certainly share it with our readers once it becomes available.


Left for dead in a dark alley, Callie Boyd believes her quiet, little solitary life in Tulsa, Oklahoma is coming to a spectacularly horrifying end at the vicious teeth of a vampire. Yes, a vampire. Who knew those guys were even real?

When Callie wakes up in the clubhouse of the local outlaw motorcycle gang, she discovers vampires are not the only supernatural beings stalking the darkened byways and shady underworld of Tulsa. After recovering from the attack, she goes to work to rebuild her life.

Callie falls hard for a couple of sexy paranormal bikers, but thinks finding her own happily-ever-after is simply impossible because they are both already involved with someone else… each other. However, our feisty heroine soon understands Kazar the ancient vampire and Nyle the wolf shifter are her fated mates, and Destiny has a big plan for all three of them.

An explosive attack on the Twin Ravens MC sends Callie fleeing into the arms of Kazar and Nyle. They soon realize the supernatural bad-guys want Callie dead and gone. But Callie is growing into her own majestic magickal destiny, and the gods have decreed she will be part of an amazing power triad.

If you enjoy hot and sexy romantic tales about vampires, shifters, dragons and deadly ancient gods hell bent on world domination, you will love Twist of Time.


Sizzle Alert – this story contains one seriously hawt M/M/F adventure with lots of over the top, fun, and fantasy action. Join Audra’s bad-a$$ heroine in a tale filled with snarky humor, sometimes explicit and often kinda kinky sexy times, a bit of filthy language, and enough plot twists to give a reader vertigo.

WANT to read this sexy adventure before anyone else?

If you would be interested in reading and reviewing an Advance Review Copy of Twist of Time ~ The Ruby Queen Awakens by Audra Hart, please sign up on this goggle doc for your direct to kindle copy.

Here’s the link to google doc sign up sheet. I check it daily. So, sign up soon:
If you do not have a direct to kindle address, send me an email at with “TWIST OF TIME ARC” in the subject line.
Please do not contact me for a FREE ARC if you are not committed to posting an honest review after reading the free copy of my book


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