T. Mike McCurley is joining the Tulsa Immortals band of authors.

The newest addition to the TULSA IMMORTALS series is a fast-paced supernatural tale, filled with wise cracks, jaw-shattering action, and enough UST emissions (unresolved sexual tension) to punch a new hole in the ozone layer.
Check out “Thorn in Her Side” by T. Mike McCurley as he takes the reader on a wild Halloween misadventure in Audra Hart’s TULSA IMMORTALS universe.

This exciting Tulsa Immortals Novella is available for pre-order for just 99 cents and will be live on October 3rd.


Zak Thorne is having the worst day. The lanky sorcerer’s one night stand has a shotgun in his grill, bounties have been placed on him by mortals and immortals alike, and on top of it all, it’s Hallowe’en, the day he hates more than any other. The only way he’s making it through the day is with a little help from his best friend, the woman he’s known since they were kids. The one who makes his heart beat faster and silences the doubt and anger in him. As the day just keeps getting worse, the two of them will come to rely on each other more and more, until the realization of who he is and what’s missing in his life strike home like a lightning bolt.
Under a buck for Motorcycles, Magick, Mayhem & Monsters!  How can you go wrong with that?

01 Thorn Teaser - We had to change the sheets w white frame
 Here’s a little taste of what’s in store…

Zachariah Thorn knows Halloween this year is really going to suck when he wakes to a bounty hunter with a shotgun jammed against his chin. His alcohol induced haze from the night before has left Thorn a bit fuzzy on exactly how the blonde ended up in his bedroom. However, as he confronts the woman with the gun aimed his way, bits and pieces are starting to come back to him…
A barstool. Whiskey in a tall bottle. Empty shot glasses stacked in an unstable pyramid. A pretty blonde caging a light off his Zippo. Flagging down the bartender to refill her drinks. Laughter. Teasing touches and hot breath. More of the same in the parking lot. Kissing beneath the yellow streetlight. Her hand in his waistband, seeking, grabbing, stroking. His fingers gripping the firmness of her ass, pulling her close as he tasted her mouth. Later, in the room, flying clothes and a tumble into the bed.
“I put my rep on the line when I told Ginger I’d find you. I’m not going back empty-handed.”
“What part of your rep involved that bang-fest from last night?”
“One makes sacrifices for one’s trade,” she said with a cold smile.
“So, here’s how this will work,” she began. He waved a hand, trailing thin lines of smoke from the filterless.
“I know the drill. This ain’t the first time I’ve been at gunpoint.”
“I’m not surprised, given your history.”
“Got me all figured out, do you?”
She nodded past the gun. “I had you marked before I even went in that bar. A drunken womanizer with no class, stumbling his way from one bed to the next. No hope of a real relationship, so you drown yourself in liquor and women. Doomed to die alone, old, and unloved. Sound about right?”
“You forgot cute.”
“Just get dressed.”
Well, it looks like Thorn is going to end up in the bounty hunter’s trunk. Yeah, that’s not gonna happen… or is it?













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