Tulsa Immortals Spotlights Begin Today



 00 TULSA IMMORTALS promo w covers, motorcycle and TRMC logo KEEP beyond OCT books 1-8 (Sept 2018)

Join us for the next 10 days as we spotlight the authors and fantastical tales of the

TULSA IMMORTALS paranormal romance series

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In the words of reviewer and group admin for FB’s Tall, Dom & Dirty group, Kathleen Banks – “I love this series – what’s not to love?! It’s set smack dab in the middle of Audra Hart’s fantastical realms, full of shifters, vampires, gargoyles, fae, witches, warlocks, sorcerers, demi-gods & goddesses, primal gods & goddesses and a bunch of bike riding MC supernatural enforcers who party & love as hard as they fight!”

“A must read for any PNR lover who likes their romance steamy!”

If you have not yet indulged in the Magickal Universe of Audra Hart’s multi-author paranormal series, TULSA IMMORTALS, you are missing out! As of the time of writing this post, there are 9 exciting installments in this series by 4 talented authors

Audra Hart, AM Halford, Elaine Barris and T. Mike McCurley.


☆҉☆ Are you ready for some SmeXy, over-the-top, paranormal adventure, with a delicious group of tasty bad-boy Supernatural Enforcers of the Twin Ravens MC? And NOW, Audra Hart’s universe has Dragons! Yes, we said Dragons! ☆҉☆

Catch up on all the exciting action in this Sizzling Hot Multi-author paranormal series!

Book 1 – Cajun Queen and the Joker by Audra Hart

Joker’s former lover, a sexy Cajun Queen from New Orleans has brought supernatural trouble to Tulsa. Can Jenniene and Joker find their way back to each other or will the Ghouls take over at the Twin Ravens MC on All Hallows Eve?
Universal link: http://getbook.at/CajunQueen  Get yours FREE today!

Book 2 – Gin & Wrath by Audra Hart

(A sexy M/F paranormal BDSM adventure)
Universal Link: http://getBook.at/GinandWrath
Can Wrath, a demi-god with life-long domination tendencies, and Virginia, a sweet young woman with an independent streak a mile wide find common ground, while facing strange and supernatural danger? Get your copy today and find out!
FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Book 3 – Leo’s Salvation by A.M. Halford

(A sexy M/M paranormal adventure)
Can a powerful warlock with a snarky familiar and berserker bear who find their destiny in each other’s arms while facing a deadly vampire menace? http://getbook.at/LeosSalvation
Available NOW on Amazon

Book 4 – Darkheart’s Salvation by Audra Hart 

(A sweet and sultry M/F fantasy adventure)
Twin Ravens enforcer Silas Darkheart discovers his mate, Valentina Colombo Moretti, during a ceremonial dance honoring his Chickasaw shifter guardian heritage. The moment the human female recognizes his “otherness” she flees directly into the arms of a killer. Silas rescues his fated, they begin to forge their mating bond in their dreams but threats once again loom. Will the Catamount triumph to claim his beloved in the light of day? http://getbook.at/Darkheart
FREE to read with KU

Book 5 – Coyote’s River by A.M. Halford

(M/M paranormal romance)
Can a cynical warlock and an overprotective Navajo shifter find love in the midst of a deadly supernatural battle for Tulsa? Join River, Coyote and a hilarious familiar for this sexy fantasy adventure. http://getbook.at/CoyotesRiver
Available NOW on Amazon

Book 6 – Devlin’s Desire by Elaine Barris

(M/F paranormal romance)

Can Devlin achieve his greatest desire or will his need for secrecy cause the death of his beloved Jolie? An exciting cross-over story set in Audra Hart’s Tulsa Immortals Universe.
Available NOW on Amazon

Book 6.5 – Primal Heat: A Beast Realm ~ Tulsa Immortals Novelette by Audra Hart

Join the leaders of the Beast Realm for a HOT and KINKY island getaway before things begin to heat up once again in Tulsa.
Available on Amazon

Book 7 – Twist of Time by Audra Hart

(M/M/F Bi-sexual Ménage Romance w some tasty Kinky elements)
Left for dead in alley but Destiny intervenes! After being rescued by the Twin Ravens MC she falls heads over heels for two Enforcers, sexy ancient vampire and a powerful wolf shifter. But these two sexy bikers are already involved… with each other. Callie soon learns these males are her fated mates, and Destiny has a big plan for all three of them. An explosive attack on the Twin Ravens MC sends her into hiding with her mates until she is ready to face the supernatural villains who want her dead and gone!
If you enjoy hot and sexy romantic tales about vampires, shifters, dragons and a deadly, ancient goddess hell bent on unleashing Anarchy, you will love Twist of Time by Audra Hart. M/M/F Erotic Romance with some Hot and sometimes Kinky love scenes.
Coming October 10, 2018 ~ Pre-Order NOW
Special LOW PRICE of Just 99 Cents

Book 8 – Throne in her Side by T Mike McCurley

(Action Tale with a Slow Burn Romance)
Zak Thorn is sorcerer and Enforcer with the Twin Ravens MC who hates Halloween, with good reason. Now his bad decisions are even causing problems with his brethren at the MC. But that fact pales in comparison when he awakens to find his drunken one night stand from the night before has jammed a shotgun into his face. Turns out, she’s a bounty hunter and someone wants him dead. Of course, that’s when his best friend and the MC’s highly valued attorney, Lori Dane, shows up to take him to cemetery to visit the graves of his murdered parents. The day goes downhill from there. A deadly attack in the graveyard nearly costs Thorn everything. Will Thorn realize what is right in front of him before it is too late?




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