Meet Audra Hart’s Sadistic Demi-God and His Sweet Redemption

GW teaser - I am named WRATH 2

Born of Magick and Torment, Wrath is a dedicated Immortal Enforcer at the Twin Ravens MC. He keeps his inner monster at bay with carefully controlled violence, sex, and utter domination… in all aspects of his life!
Until sweet Virginia shows up at the MC, a target of the supernatural underworld.  A sweet and innocent human social worker who picks up shifts as a waitress in the Twin Ravens MC.  But our sweet Virginia is more than she appears on the surface and things about to get very interesting for Wrath and his entire brethren of Immortal Enforcers.

Gin’s first encounter with the ageless Viking binds them together in a magickal connection that won’t be denied!
Can a savage and sadistic demi-god seduce a sweet, young virgin, and defeat her deadly enemies at the same time?

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“…  a taut, action-packed, smoking hot roller coaster of a thrill ride filled with fascinating paranormals that hooked me at page one. I put in a literal reading marathon because I just couldn’t put it down. Well worth the loss of sleep.” – Patricia Nelson

“Enter a world of mythology the likes of which you have never seen.” – Spanish Lady

“This series has been nothing but spectacular and this installment was not any different… If you are looking for an adventure that keeps you engaged from the first page then this series is for you. This immortal series will keep you guessing and wanting more.” – Krystàl Amora

“The past haunts us all, and Virginia Lee “Gin” Jones is no different. Saddled with a mountain of debt by an abusive ex who still stalks her, she finds herself employed as a waitress at a local motorcycle club, where she meets Wrath, nearly seven feet of raw fury in a battered leather cut. The tension from the two builds just as the story does, with Gin showing an infinitely wider streak of independence than the giant biker expects. An enforcer for a crew that specializes in power, he is unused to dealing with emotions beyond anger. Gin seems to him more than any ordinary woman, and he finds himself drawn to her despite believing he is destined to a solitary life.

Audra has strung together many angles in a wonderful web that leaves the reader reaching for that next page over and over again. Lush descriptions and a cast that ranges from the obnoxious bar-goer all the way to ancient Gods, “Gin and Wrath” is a great read. Heartily recommended!” – Tim McCurley
Read for FREE with KindleUnlimited
☆☆☆☆☆ 5 STAR READ ☆☆☆☆☆




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