Twist of Time – Book 7 Tulsa Immortals Special Low Price

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Get your copy of Audra Hart’s Twist of Time for just 99 cents before the book releases on October 10, 2018. That is when this book goes back to its normal price of $3.99.

Twist of Time – Book 7

(The Ruby Queen Awakens)

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This special price lasts only until October 10th.

Savagely attacked and left for dead, Callie awakens to a secret world of the supernatural. It was vampire who nearly killed her and whole band of magickal Immortal Enforcers who rescued her! Thanks to magick and the support of the Twin Ravens MC, she soon recovers enough to begin work rebuilding her shattered life.

As she recovers, she finds herself drawn to two men. Yeah, two of them. Supernaturally sexy bikers who are already involved with someone else… each other! However, Fate and Magick among the preternatural set works strange miracles and Callie soon learns Kazar the ancient vampire and Nyle the wolf shifter are her fated mates, and Destiny has a big plan for all three of them.

An explosive attack on the Twin Ravens MC sends Callie into the protective arms of Kazar and Nyle. A crazed goddess and her blood horde want Callie dead and gone. But Callie is growing into her own majestic magickal destiny, and gods and the fates have decreed she will be part of an amazing power triad.



Callie’s greatest enemy, the goddess Dysnomia has once again sent her minions to destroy her family.

Dragon Queen's triumphant battle cry

The scene which greets the trio is like something out of a nightmare. Hordes of dark minions have descended upon their home. Despite the seemingly impossible odds, the aggressors are being held off by only six Enforcers from the MC, including Morrígan the Irish Raven. Instantly, the Dragon Queen and her Sentinel Consorts assume their battle forms before diving into the raging melee. Obviously, each punch, kick and slash of talons is driven by pure savage determination to protect their family and home. Callie and her lovers easily cut down a wide swath of attacking vampires and ghouls who are foolish enough to remain in their path. The Dragon continually casts out her senses to search for Dysnomia, but her magick and essence are no where to be found. For just a moment, Callie fears the goddess of anarchy might have tricked them all, and is even at this very moment upstairs threatening her child. But the part of her that is fully dragon confidently assures the worried mother that is simply not the case.

Twist of Time 

Just 99 cents until October 10







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