Countdown to Thorn in Her Side

It’s almost time!
T Mike McCurley wrote a little adventure for the Tulsa Immortals series and it goes LIVE on Oct 3!

Thorn in Her Side

Zak Thorne has had better days. All he wants is to escape a painful past, but with bounties on his head by both normal and paranormal enemies, the sorcerer has a better chance of finding a winning lottery ticket in his saddlebags. The only thing between him and a full-throttle run to Mexico is his best friend, the only woman he’s ever fully trusted.
When blood spills and magic flies bright in the shadows, will he realize the truth he’s avoided for years?
Just 99 cents!
Check out Thorn in Her Side by T. Mike McCurley as he takes the reader on a wild Halloween misadventure in Audra Hart’s TULSA IMMORTALS universe.

THORN - countdown to release

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