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Get your copy of Audra Hart’s Sinfully SEXY MMF Ménage Romance, Twist of Time, for only 99 pennies before the book releases on October 10, 2018. That is when this book goes back to its normal price of $3.99.

When a vampire left Callie Boyd for dead in a dark Tulsa alley, the Twin Ravens MC – a secretive band of Immortal Enforcers, took her in. Before long, Callie is head over heels for two supernaturally sexy bikers. One problem, they are already involved with someone… each other.

An explosive attack on the MC sends Callie fleeing into the arms of Kazar the vampire and Nyle the shifter. The supernatural bad-guys want Callie dead and gone, but this little human is growing into her own majestic magickal destiny.

Will Callie overcome with her two Fated Mates at her side?

This M/M/F fantasy romance contains explicit sexual content and adult language. Not intended for readers under 18 years of age.

Twist of Time Universal Amazon Link:

Twist of Time teaser - Lean into me, Amica Mea

Here’s a spicy excerpt to enjoy while you wait for the book to go live!

Shifting her weight to one hand, Callie reaches down to lovingly stroke her fingers through Nyle’s thick auburn hair. When he focuses on her throbbing clit, her fingers automatically entwine in the silky tresses as she holds his head ever closer to her needy center. “Nyle,” she whispers. “Oh, yes. Nyle.”
When Callie feels a set of familiar lips nuzzle her neck, she moans loudly. “Kazar?” she stutters and turns her head only to meet those imploring lips for a savage kiss. Kazar, normally so sedate and reserved, grasps her face to dominate the kiss. He greedily devours her every moan as their tongues engage in the timeless dance of lovers.
Kazar breaks the kiss and gracefully hikes himself atop the bar to position himself behind Callie. “Lean into me, amica mea. Allow me to hold you as our mate gives you pleasure.” There’s no mistaking his words for anything but the command that they are. Callie gratefully obeys as her arm bearing her weight was beginning to tremble under the onslaught of sensation from her two lovers.
Her head falls back to rest against her vampire’s shoulder when her shifter lover slowly inserts two fingers inside of her slick passage, to curl them gently and tease that secret spot deep inside. Callie momentarily marvels that for two males who have exclusively had sex with only another male for twenty years, they certainly seem to know their way around a woman’s body. While she doesn’t want to contemplate exactly how they gained that expertise, she is glad for it nonetheless.


Twist of Time – The Ruby Queen Awakens, a Tulsa Immortals Story by Audra Hart
#MMF #BisexualRomance #PNR #ShifterRomance


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