Elaine Barris joins the ranks of the Tulsa Immortals authors with an exciting crossover adventure.


Book 6 – Devlin’s Desire by Elaine Barris

(M/F paranormal romance)

Can Devlin achieve his greatest desire or will his need for secrecy cause the death of his beloved Jolie? An exciting cross-over story set in Audra Hart’s Tulsa Immortals Universe.


Jolie was mine once, and despite the odds against us, she will be again.
She’s my only desire. ~ Devlin Wick


” I could not put it down until I finished reading it.” – Erika E

” Well written and smart!” – HannaM7

“Devlin Wick is a vampire, a former leader of the “Corruption Inc.” M C bike club and mate of Jolie, a human woman who given him back his soul with her love. Then she was stolen from him and after her rescue she was damaged, fearing her lover, believing the lies her tormentors had told, forced to have her memories regressed to the time before she had met him to keep her sane. This book made compulsive reading as Jolie’s rescue was made and then her gradual awakening to Devlin’s love once more. It is a brutal tale of rape, torture, death and destruction ending with a reclaimed love of two soul mates.” – Sewsummore

“Holy hottness!!!!! I love vampires and bikers!! So to get both in one book was heaven!!!” – S.R. 

Devlin’s Desire by Elaine Barris – Book 6 of the Tulsa Immortals series



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