Thorn in Her Side – Book 8 of the Tulsa Immortals is LIVE!


02 Thorn Teaser - Why Zak w black frame

Thorn in Her Side

by T Mike McCurley

Check out Thorn in Her Side by T. Mike McCurley as he takes the reader on a wild Halloween misadventure in Audra Hart’s TULSA IMMORTALS universe.


Zak Thorne has had better days. All he wants is to escape a painful past, but with bounties on his head by both normal and paranormal enemies, the sorcerer has a better chance of finding a winning lottery ticket in his saddlebags. The only thing between him and a full-throttle run to Mexico is his best friend, the only woman he’s ever fully trusted.

When blood spills and magic flies bright in the shadows, will he realize the truth he’s avoided for years?

Audra Hart on T Mike’s Thorn in Her Side:

I ran across T Mike McCurley when I read one of his short books in the Jericho Sims series.  Let’s just say I really liked McCurley’s writer’s voice, and quickly read the other books in the series.  McCurley and I are both Oklahoma authors and I connected with him on Facebook.  Before long, I was encouraging him to write something for the TI series.

Thorn in Her Side is a delight to read and a very welcome addition to my magickal universe.  The newest addition to the TULSA IMMORTALS series is a fast-paced supernatural tale, filled with hilarious wise cracks, jaw-shattering action, and enough UST emissions (unresolved sexual tension) to punch a new hole in the ozone layer.


“Hey, Wrath?”
The man’s head pivoted with glacial slowness. “Yeah.”
Thorn waved a hand pointing out the masses of sculpted muscle on the body of the enforcer.
“Anybody ever tell you that you ought to be modeling for the covers of romance novels?”
Wrath whirled in place, ignoring the weight of the woman on his shoulder and catching Thorn in the act of mocking the two shifters. His jaw clenched and a vein in his forehead throbbed.
“I’m taking this female to Tara,” he said in a sharp tone. “You can owe her for the memory wipe. Rest assured I am keeping a ledger of your offenses here, sorcerer. Should that account go into the red, you and I will have a personal reckoning.”
He stalked from the room, trailed by the growling forms of Blast and Chaos, both of whom were now more animal than human in their features.
“Fetch, doggies,” Thorn muttered as the door closed behind them.
~ ~ ~
“Why, Zak?” Lori asked from the next room. Her voice was less of the powerful thing he was familiar with and more that of a confused child. He wheeled to see her looking at the floor.
“Which why?” he asked in return. “Why the girl? The usual. Why the drinking? It’s Hallowe’en, love. You know the deal. Why piss off Wrath by being a smartass? Well, that’s just me being me. He won’t stay mad.”
“So: lust, self-loathing, and stupidity. Got it,” she said, not bothering to conceal the tone of disgust in her voice.
“Yeah. That about covers it,” he said, casting a brief glare her way as he stalked past her.


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