A wild adventure with a sweet and tender side

Check out Thorn in Her Side by T. Mike McCurley as he takes the reader on a wild Halloween misadventure in Audra Hart’s TULSA IMMORTALS universe.

04 Thorn teaser Kiss along her sensitive throatABOUT THORN IN HER SIDE

Zachariah Thorne is a smart-mouthed sorcerer and Enforcer with Twin Ravens MC. Lately, he’s been spending way too much time drinking and womanizing. Oh, and he truly hates Halloween! No really, he HATES Halloween. Not without reason. Well, today is the day, and he knew it was going to suck the moment he woke up to the pressure of a cut-down shotgun jammed against his chin.

Lorelei Dane, bad-ass attorney for the MC and Thorn’s best friend since childhood. Lori always has had Thorn’s back. Oh yeah, did we mention she’s a powerful Troll who can certainly handle herself in any situation? Well, she is, and she’s also determined to look out for Thorn, because he certainly won’t when left to his own bad devices.

Halloween is the anniversary of the murder of Thorn’s parents. These two friends always commemorate the day with a trip to cemetery. This year, it all goes horribly wrong. Will nearly losing the most precious thing in his life be enough to yank Thorn off the highway to self-destruction, or will he miss out on his one shot at getting “everything” he never even knew he wanted?




His teeth bit down onto the side of her neck. It wasn’t enough pressure to hurt, but just what she needed to know she was his. She let go of his back and reached up to grab both sides of his head, whimpering as he nipped and sucked. He took his hand from her head and placed it on her side, sliding beneath the blouse and coming up to gently caress the outside of her breast through the layer of black lace on cream silk that supported it. His touch was soft and teasing, and he let the hand continue to her back before lowering again and ending on her hip. The touch had been just enough to inflame her, and she grabbed for his belt.

His response was an animalistic growl. He dropped his mouth to the hollow of her neck, biting deep where it met her shoulder. His hands gripped at her hips, pulling her tightly to him even as her own fingers worked to open the silver buckle of the heavy leather belt.

Pulling back and seeing the bright red mark he had left behind, Thorn took in a breath and looked around. For a moment he had forgotten their whereabouts, so caught up was he.

“Lori,” he prompted. She hissed out an affirmative sound as she slipped free the tongue of the belt. He caught her hands and she looked at him, eyes wide in surprise.
“Lori,” he repeated, drawing her out of the moment. “We have to stop. We’re not -”

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