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Twist of Time – The Ruby Queen Awakens


Pre-Order your copy at just 99 cents
Regular price of $3.99 on October 10th!

FULL LENGTH NOVEL filled with Daring Exploits, Primal Emotions, Fantastical Adventure, Dark Intrigue, Plot Twists, and Hot Love Scenes!


When a vampire left Callie Boyd for dead in a dark Tulsa alley, the Twin Ravens MC – a secretive band of Immortal Enforcers, took her in. Before long, Callie is head over heels for two supernaturally sexy bikers. One problem, they are already involved with someone… each other.

An explosive attack on the MC sends Callie fleeing into the arms of Kazar the vampire and Nyle the shifter. The supernatural bad-guys want Callie dead and gone, but this little human is growing into her own majestic magickal destiny.

Will Callie rise to her Majestic Destiny with her two Fated Mates at her side?

#MMF #BisexualRomance #PNR #ShifterRomance





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