Excerpt from THORN IN HER SIDE


by T Mike McCurley

BOOK 8 – Tulsa Immortals series

03 Thorn Teaser - cemetary - let's just drop the flowers off w black frameCheck out Thorn in Her Side by T. Mike McCurley as he takes the reader on a wild Halloween misadventure in Audra Hart’s TULSA IMMORTALS universe.

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They turned into the cemetery, Lori cutting their speed down to a crawl. It was a short drive to the section where Thorn’s parents were, but the roadway was winding and necessitated a slow approach. The cemetery itself was dotted with trees, and the shadows cast down from the sun thickened beneath their arches. Fall had taken hold and a great many of them had lost their leaves, but somehow they still managed to cast deep shade.
The SUV crept along the narrow path, and they both looked around at the variety of headstones, small mausoleums, and crypts that they passed. It seemed as if there were more of them than had ever been there before, and they crowded the sides of the vehicle.
“Well, that’s creepy,” Lori said.
“They need to watch how close to the edge they put the stones. It feels like the whole place is closing in on us.”
The sun drifted behind a dark cloud and the area took on a dim look, adding to the effect of being in the graveyard. Thorn whispered in a calming tone as he saw a shudder wrack Lori’s body.
“Let’s just get there and get the flowers dropped off,” he suggested. “Get you back out of here.”
“Might not be a bad plan,” she agreed. “It just feels kind of off this year. Think it’s that storm front?”

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