Winners Announced – Mega Giveaway

Congratulations - all 5 of my Tulsa Immortals Adventures

I recently sponsored a giveaway in The Wolf Pack: For Readers who like a good howl.

The Wolf Pack is the absolute best FB group for fans and writers of Shifter Romance and I always enjoy my time there.  This time, my pack mates surprised me with their overwhelmingly positive support so I expanded the giveaway from 1 set of 5 books to 5 sets of 5 books!  Each book bundle was worth $11.96 for all five books!

I love giving goodies away to fans of sexy PNR!

Next time you drop by the Wolf Pack, perhaps you might join us for a discussion, picture or video share about beautiful animals, or just to tell us about the book you just read.  Maybe you can congratulate my winners:  Sarah M., Michelle C., Stacey S., Jennifer K., and Samantha L.

The TULSA IMMORTALS is a multi-author series where I have invited other very talented authors, AM Halford, Elaine Barris & T Mike McCurley,  to write their own stories in my fictional universe. Each book in the series can be enjoyed as a standalone. However, my books in the series advance an overall plot for the series, so it can be helpful to read my stories in order. HAPPY READING!



Cajun Queen and the Joker – Book 1 – PERMA FREE

Gin and Wrath – Book 2 –

Darkheart’s Salvation – Book 4 –

Primal Heat – Book 6.5 (crossover w Beast Realm series)

Twist of Time~ The Ruby Queen Awakens – Book 7 –






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