RL Merrill’s “Teacher” trilogy rocked my day!

Realistic and Relatable

Rock ‘n’ Roll Romance

teacher graphic

The following is my review of RL Merrill’s “Teacher – A Hollywood Rock n’ Romance Trilogy” 

I highly recommend this trilogy to anyone who wants to read a story and feel great when you finish the last page. Rock ‘n’ Romance is not my usual genre but this trilogy really stroked all my feels – in a good way. RL Merrill writes well developed characters that I’d like to meet in real life and I actually come to care about them in the pages of her stories. These Teacher books are certainly headed for my “Read Again” pile!

I have to confess that there were moments when I wanted to kick the male lead character in his bodacious behind, but his good heart and sexiness won me over easily.

The female lead is a breath of fresh air. I loved this teacher and her spunk. Despite some major issues in her life and some true insecurities, this lady simply stole my heart with her inner spark and compassion. I loved reading about a teacher with such an admirable level of professionalism, dedication and love for her job.

Get your copy today, you won’t regret it. Heck, you might as well download all three books at once because I promise you will want to read the entire trilogy!

 Teacher (A Hollywood Rock n’ Romance Trilogy Book 1)

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