Recent Spotlights

I’ve been spot-lighted recently by two ladies whom I both respect as professionals in the world of publishing and adore as people.  I’m so flattered by their kind words and the fact that they took the time to get to know a bit more about me and my writing to put together these wonderful spot-lights.

THANK YOU – Carmen Alicea and R.L. “Ro” Merrill!


Romanceaholic Magazine - it's live (my spotlight edition)The most recent was a wonderful spot-light in Romanceaholic Magazine by Carmen Alicea. This very appealing and informative E-Magazine is available now.


Get your copy here:

Carmen’s love for books and authors always shines through in each edition of the cyber magazine.  This month’s edition not only spot-lights several talented writers, it also spot-lights PA’s, a healthy Latin cookbook, publishing advice from Avril Stepowski, and so much more.

Romanceaholic presents - Tulsa Immortals.jpgI am pleased to announce that the link for the FREE Tulsa Immortals edition of Romanceaholic was also included in this month’s magazine.
Here’s the link:



Do you want to hang out with out with other book lovers on Facebook?  Check out Carmen’s group.  Romanceaholic –

Or you can visit the FB page here:
Romanceaholic - The book lovers dream home (ereader, coffee, cookies, tray & flowers

THANK YOU, CARMEN!  xoxoxo  You are ACES!



The other spot-light I wanted to mention today was called “Friendy Friday with Audra Hart and Autism Awareness“.  This very flattering spot-light appeared on author R.L. Merrill‘s blog on April 26, 2019, just prior to our big 2 day author event on Facebook to promote autism awareness and acceptance.  I was so busy with the event that I simply forgot to share this wonderful blog spotlight with my readers before now.  So, sorry.

It was truly wonderful to receive such a nice shout out from a talented writer and amazing lady like R.L. “Ro” Merrill!  This spotlight also featured a short interview with me, a blurb for “Freeing Their Mistress”, which comes out this month, and information about our ASD Awareness project.

You can read the entire blog post here:


Ro Merrill


In her own words:  “I’m a mother of two incredible kids, an author of love stories, and an educator of America’s youth. When I’m not driving the Bay Area roads taking my kids to their activities, I’m writing stories with hope, love and a Happily Ever After. You can also find me enjoying live music, record shops, book stores, the movies, the tattoo chair, or attending my local Romance Writers of America chapter meeting. Sign up for my newsletter-y thingie at and Stay Tuned for more Rock ‘n’ Romance!”

Isn’t she just adorable?  Witty.  Caring.  Funny.  One helluva good writer too!
Meet my girl Ro on her website:
Find her on FB:

And check out her backlist of wonderful books on Amazon:

✫✫✫  ✫✫✫  Thanks Ro! You are a Rockstar!  ✫✫✫  ✫✫✫






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