“Talk to Me Tuesdays” kicks off tomorrow!

Talk to Me Tuesday graphic

I am always excited to meet new authors, bloggers, promoters, PAs, VAs, dedicated reviewers, and a host of other fascinating folks who work so hard to make the world of publishing, especially romance genres, work so well.  Starting tomorrow, I will kick off a series of interviews and spotlights where I will introduce my readers to these wonderful folks.  I am so excited to begin this project because I love supporting my fellow writers and those who support the author community.

The first several weeks will be dedicated to a wonderful group of authors I met when R.L. Merrill, Kathleen Banks and I organized a big two day Facebook author event to promote autism awareness and acceptance during the last weekend of April 2019.  We managed to recruit a large number of talented and generous authors who all had a real life ASD (autism spectrum disorder) connection.  Of course, many of us bonded over issues important to ASD families and educators, as well as our mutual love of books – the reading and the writing of them!

So, be sure to keep an eye open for this exciting new feature on audrahart.com.  You never know when you might meet your next favorite writer, right?

Starting tomorrow, I will kick of “Talk to Me Tuesdays” off with interviews with authors A.M. Halford and Mellanie Szereto.  We’d love to hear from you, so feel free to reach out on our media links or here on this blog.  Make plans to get cozy with a cuppa and get to know some new friends.

Join us, won’t you?




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