Reviewers LOVE Sadie & her “Boys”

Freeing Their Mistress released on May 15th – via many outlets.  If you buy your books any place besides Amazon you might want to hurry because Freeing Their Mistress is heading for KDP status at the first of next month so that my Kindle Unlimited readers can enjoy this story with their KU subscription.

In the meanwhile, here are the links to get your copy of

Freeing Their Mistress

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FTM promo graphic w RK logo, couple in shower, FTM cover


The reviewers seem to enjoy the story and the reaction at the release parties has been gratifying!  FTM is the first book in the spinoff series “Raven’s Keep”.  This series is set in my Tulsa Immortals Magickal Universe, so you know you are going to encounter tons of fascinating supernatural beings at my ultra exclusive BDSM club.


Why did I decide to write a series based in a BDSM club?  Well, my Immortals tend to love hard, and this lifestyle and the community that develops around a BDSM club seemed the perfect venue for these naughty paranormals to strut their stuff!

In Freeing Their Mistress, a MFM paranormal romance, we meet Sadie, Roi & Anton.  Reviewers love these three together!

“I have come to expect a certain amount of hotness from Audra Hart and this one was certainly no exception! It had all the heat you need but the best parts were the emotions and the relationship building between these three.”

“I loved that Roi and Anton are willing to give Sadie the time to get her feet under her but refused to let her hide. I loved that Roi and Anton saw Sadie’s strength and her need. I loved that both men lifted her even as they held her close.”

Now, let’s meet the main characters of Freeing Their Mistress!


Here’s Sadie!

At forty years of age and forty pounds overweight, Sadie doesn’t exactly see herself as a sex kitten type, but her back is up against the wall. She goes for a second job at Tulsa’s Ultra Exclusive BDSM club, Raven’s Keep, to solve her financial woes.

Wow! The results are life changing, for Sadie and the Immortal Masters of Raven’s Keep!

Oh, and you’ll love the job interview! 😀

Reviewers LOVE this new character from Audra Hart

“… a woman that is strong, loyal, hard-working and so courageous.”

“I love the strength Sadie had. She had an overabundance of pride but I loved seeing her pull herself up from her bootstraps and regained her sense of self.”

“… she learns to let go of all her preconceived notions of the lifestyle and pushes her boundaries.”

Meet Sadie - Mom & son in field of flowers


Now, let’s meet Roi Lyons.  He is the primary owner and operator of Raven’s Keep.  He’s also one of Sadie’s fated mates!

FTM - she needs us as much we need her (roi w jacket over shoulder)

Master Roi Lyons is a suave and sophisticated centuries old Spell Weaver.  He runs Raven’s Keep because he is also a master Dom with a penchant for voyeurism and bondage.  He is patient, protective, loving and very capable of protecting those he loves.

Monsterella Reviews said, “Roi is such a dominating presence whether he’s front and center or watching from the sidelines. I truly enjoyed his character.”

You’ll love the naughty ways Roi uses his magick during BDSM scenes! 😉


Now, let’s meet Anton Dracul.  A centuries old vampire from a very famous bloodline in Romania.  He’s also an enforcer who guards ancient secrets as he lives the life of an outlaw biker.

Oh, and did I forget to mention he’s the Keep’s premier Master Sadist, as well as part owner of the club, and one of the drop dead sexy men in Freeing Their Mistress‘ sizzlin’ hot triad?

FTM - Anton you are mine
Where Roi is elegant and personable, Anton is gruff, sexy as sin, and very accustomed to getting his way… in all things. But as this teaser reveals, our hardened Sadist Vampire does have a tender side.. for Sadie!  However, Sadie, as poor Anton soon discovers, is not accustomed to giving in… ever. Let’s just say the sparks will fly!


If you like Alpha Males who are accustomed to getting their way and making you enjoy it, you’ll love Anton!  Monsterella Reviews said; “Don’t let the bad a$$ persona fool you, this stud can be tender. Tho he does tend to be a little callous and demanding.”


In closing, the reviews are wonderful for Freeing Their Mistress!

Monsterella Reviews

“Get ready to be dominated by an amazing story!!!
This is one of those stories that really draws you in. One where you can feel what the characters are going through. One that at times you want to give them a kick in the rump and at others you just want to hold them tight.”

Stormy Vixen’s Book Reviews

“The characters are strong, bold and very convincing as they draw readers into the story which is full of sizzling chemistry and scorching passion but this story is more about woman and her coming into her own that about the actual lifestyle… this romance is one thrilling, exciting, emotional and seriously hot but also sweet and sassy reading experience.”

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