Talk to Me Tuesday with author C.M. Peters

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I met C.M. Peters during my big two day autism event back in April of this year on Facebook.  She attended as a guest and we chatted a bit as folks are wont to do at these types of events.  Shortly after the event, she contacted me about doing a guest blogger slot on her blog.  I really enjoyed that experience.  It is thanks in part to Ms. Peters that I started doing my Talk To Me slots on my own blog.

So, sit back and lets get to know C.M. Peters!

About CM Peters from her own Amazon page:
CM Peters would like to be ageless but hasn’t found the fountain of youth just yet. She works in the communications field but her true passion is writing. She hails from Québec and has been back at writing regularly after a long break since college.
An eclectic writer, CM is equally at home penning short erotica, quality fanfiction, and elaborate sci-fi and fantasy novels. Whatever genre she is working in, CM always centers her stories around complex, relatable characters.

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Now for the good stuff!  Let’s Talk to C.M. Peters!

What’s on the top of your TBR pile right now?

Part 2 and 3 of the Escape Trilogy by Sara Dobie Bauer, and Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman.


Let’s talk about your favorite genre to read? To write?

I read just about anything, even the back of the shampoo bottle, but I love historical romance, more historical than romance to be honest. I love re-tellings, especially when they are true facts used well. And I love me a good chicklit with a supernatural twist.


Do you have a favorite theme for the stories you read and write?

To read, I love when an angsty situation can be resolved through communication, something I feel we lack of in general in every day life. To write, angst, as you probably can guess.


Let’s talk POV? Which do you prefer and why?

Deep 3rd person POV. I love getting into one character’s mind and sifting through issues. Sometimes, I’ll include mine to work through them. Writing is liberating.


Can we talk about character development? Do you have a set process for developing your characters? Do you plot them out ahead of time or do they develop as you write the story?

PLOT PLOT PLOT! I have a list of elements I always develop characters with before I outline, then plot everything together.


What inspired you to write your first book? And, please, tell us about that book.

My first real book was a fanfiction about the movie Only Lovers Left Alive (do look it up, it’s fabulous). I only recently self-published it after removing all fanfiction elements. Pawns is about a young woman, Lena, taking over her father’s business and realizing her father was doing shady deals. She has the help of her best friend, Cameryn, and a trusted employee, Eli, who both also have things to hide.

Pawns by CM Peters

One reviewer said, ” I was very enthralled with every twist and turn, the ambiance very palpable.”

Find Pawns & other offerings by CM Peters on her author page:


Do you mind sharing the synopsis of your latest story with our readers? Maybe give us a tease to whet our appetites? How did you come up with the idea for this story?

My latest is story is barely in its first steps. It’s about Ellie, a 30-something museum specialist traveling to an island where she spent her summers, both to escape an unhappy situation in her marriage and to take care of her inheritance. There, she meets an amazing guy who might change the way she sees love and help her change her life for the better.


Perhaps you would share a bit about your top 3 favorite books?

My Top 3 of my own books, I would say my upcoming novel New Beginnings (tentative title), Summer Fair, an anthology written with the StoryPenners, and Hillside House, a haunted house novella I put out last fall.

Summer festivals bring the aroma of popcorn, the excitement of rides, and the promise of real-life enchantment. Seven authors bring you original love stories, each set at a different summer celebration. You’ll experience the thrill of the Chicago World’s fair through the eyes of a plucky girl reporter and the quiet desperation of a teen working a summer job at a traveling carnival. Get whisked away on romantic journeys around the world from a sweet Texas Dewberry Festival to a lantern-filled temple celebration to a surprisingly rowdy New England Founders Day. Whether it’s the magic of a Renaissance Fair, the excitement of a Theater Retreat, or the pulse of a Music Festival, you’re sure to get geared up for all things summer with this delightful new collection.

Summer Fair

(FREE to read Kindle Unlimited)



Jack Whitcomb never expected to return to Hillside House, but a death in the family calls him home.
As soon as he steps foot in the house that never really felt like a home, he is embroiled in a game of cat and mouse with his unstable sister, Olivia.
Years have gone by since they’ve seen each other but Jack senses something is wrong, His sister is evasive and so is the real story behind their parents’ death. What secrets is she hiding?

Hillside House


Thank you for taking to the time to “talk” to me and my readers.  Before we go, please tell my readers where they might find you hanging out on social media. 

You can find me on Facebook at, through my blog at, and on Twitter @charliempeters.

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