Smoke and Shadow – a sweeter side of paranormal romance and adventure



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Smoke and Shadow

A sweet but spicy, insta-love romance, between a fallen goddess and a “ghost” wolf shifter.  Yet another fun, fantastical and sexy paranormal adventure from Audra Hart.

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S&S - half in love already

Excerpt from Smoke and Shadow by Audra L Hart


Yep. That’s what the tall, dark haired, dark eyed beauty in scuffed up pink riding leathers said when Rage pointed to me and said we were connected. Like fated mates. Figures. Obviously, the prospect of being mated to me is the last thing she wants.

Okay … so, yeah, I am an idiot for having my stupid widdle feelings hurt, cuz, hey – I’m dead. D-E-A-D. Dead. Nothing but a useless, voiceless ghost. Completely unacceptable mate material, but it still chaps my leathers. It feels a lot like a bad case of road rash right on my backside. Yeah, it sucks.

But that doesn’t change the facts. I’ve felt drawn to this woman from the moment I felt her pull off the highway onto Twin Ravens’ property. My eyes have tracked her every move and my ears have eavesdropped on her every word since she strutted through the front door at Tara’s side.

Obviously, Shadow and my bestie, Tara, are tight. Even though I’ve been with the Twin Ravens for centuries, I had not met this woman with soulful dark eyes and full red lips when I was still alive. I had been away serving Odin, in some damn war or another, back when she lived with the Twin Ravens over a century ago. Even so, she doesn’t feel like a stranger to me. Maybe it’s because I’ve heard Tara, Tank, Boomer, Wrath, and even our leader, Blood, talk about her. And maybe it’s something else. Who knows? Not me. That’s for sure. I’m a simple man who thinks nothing but simple thoughts.

Until the moment I saw her. Then my thoughts kind of went crazy. And why the hell not? She’s special. And beautiful. And special. Now that I’ve watched her all night with my friends and family, I can easily see why some of my oldest friends adore her so much. I’m half in love already. I snort at myself. For all the damn good it does me.

Ghost! Remember?

But she can see us.’ My wolf insists in his deep, growly voice that tells me he is not pleased with my hopeless attitude. We may be dead, but if this exotic beauty is meant to be our mate, the stupid beast wants to claim her. Impossible or not, the animal is not going to shut up about this. But the wolf has a point. ‘She … can … see … us’, the beast reminds me again as though I am too dumb to realize that.

Yeah, yeah I know she can see us. I’ve caught her looking directly at me several times tonight. Like right now. It’s almost as if she knows when I am thinking about her. But what, if anything, does that even mean?

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