Spotlight LOVE MANAGEMENT author, Josette Reuel

I am so excited about this new charity anthology and the wonderful charity it supports that I have decided to spotlight the contributing authors this week.  Be sure to join us for interviews and other fun stuff for the next five days.

Love Management spotlight author Josette Reuel

About the Anthology:

A five-story paranormal romance anthology where fate steps in to bring two lonely hearts together in each story. When our lonely hearts find themselves in a bit of trouble — landing them in anger management classes — they will have to decide whether or not to let go their past and anger in order to grab hold of true love.
Genre: Paranormal Romance Collection/Anthology
Length: 449 pages
Publication Date: August 1, 2019
Other Vendors:


As a mom and romance writer who loves all things sexy, humorous, and paranormal I was over the moon to buy my copy of LOVE MANAGEMENT – an anthology benefiting the Ronald McDonald House charities. I have to tell you that I personally enjoyed reading this anthology! Sexy and Funny paranormal romance that supports a great cause, what’s not to love? Right?


I was so excited when I learned of this project because when my middle son, (who is now 25 years old, happily married and wonderful father to my beautiful granddaughter), was a newborn he was hospitalized 3 times before he was six weeks old. Obviously, he got all better! And I thank my lucky stars every day for that fact, however, I have to tell you from personal experience that having a child with serious health issues is a horrific ordeal. It is incredibly isolating, devastating to the soul, physically challenging, and just downright terrifying.

Organizations like Ronald McDonald House charities help parents/caregivers be there for their children when they are facing serious illness or injury. This is a great cause and I wanted to do  something to help this fine group of authors raise money for RMHC.


“OF LOVE AND FOX TAILS” by Josette Reuel is the first story in this delightful anthology and I thought it was an absolute blast to read!  The premise for this anthology is so much fun as are all of the stories.  I personally adored the main characters, Remo and Kita!  These are not your typical shifter tales and Josette’s story truly exemplifies that fact.  I give this sweet, funny and sexy story 5 STARS!


Now, let’s get to our interview with the author and coordinator of this wonderful collection of stories… Let’s talk with Josette Reuel…

First off, congrats on this recent release! This is a wonderful anthology. I adore the entire concept and highly recommend it anyone who loves funny, sexy paranormal romance. Now, tell me why did you decide to support this particular charity with your literary efforts? Oh, and thank you for doing so!
I enjoy joining/ coordinating fundraising anthologies because it allows me to give something back to my community. When we researched organizations, we chose the Ronald McDonald House Charities because they have a global impact – and our readers are located all over the globe. I wanted a charity which would allow every reader/author to feel good as they helped their own communities and those all over the world. I feel every little bit helps and I’m honored to be a part of this project.
How did you come to be writer? What is your favorite genre to write?
When I was little my mom took me to the library along with a friend and her kids. That is where my love of books/stories began. From then forward, I was always making up stories or reading them. After marrying my husband, between school, work, and raising our family, life impacted my ability to do either. Flash forward to being able to have some time to myself and working to instill a love of books in my own children. I soon began writing as a way to relieve stress. In 2014, at the age of 41, I self-published my first novel, “Finding the Dragon.” It’s never too late to work on your dreams.
As for genre, I’m a sci-fi geek from way back. Watching Dr. Who with my dad, being a part of the Star Wars generation, Star Trek and then of course all of the wonderful books , such as those by Piers Anthony, Anne McCaffrey, and Anne Rice to name a few. And, what teenaged girl and, subsequently, woman, doesn’t love romance? Paranormal Romance was a natural fit for my life long fantasies.
How did you come up with the delightful characters in your “LOVE MANAGEMENT” anthology?
I’m sure many readers are wondering, ‘Why anger management?’ Well, I was out at the store one day, standing in line at the register, when I saw these little tins of mints with humorous sayings on them. Now, I can’t remember what the tin said, but it was about anger management and had me chuckling there in line. I messaged it to my partner-in-crime, S. E. Isaac, and asked her what she thought of a story about a couple in the paranormal world finding each other through an anger management class. That is how it began. As for my characters… I don’t really want to give anything away, but what man wouldn’t be angry when they feel Fate gipped them with their gift of animal? And, how many women are made to feel they shouldn’t stand up for themselves? I absolutely LOVE Remo and Kita, and I know the readers will, too.
When it comes to writing, are you a “Plotter” or a “Pantster”? Please share a bit of your process with my blog’s readers.
I’m actually a bit of both, a Plantser. I need some sort of outline, I call it a pseudo outline, because what I put on it could be anything from ‘put a fight here’ to the full concept for the scene. However, I allow the story to flow organically and to take me where it wants to go. Which means, sometimes the story changes from my original ideas. My ideas come from everywhere, from anything. Once I have one, I sit down and bang it around a bit, come up with a few concepts and decide how I want to publish it. I then work with my critique partner, S. E. Isaac, and we challenge each other to word wars and read each other’s work as we go to help improve the stories.
Josette, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.  Now, please let my readers know where they can find you on social media?
Pretty much everywhere, just search for Josette Reuel!
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I also asked the authors of this anthology to share a bit about any other recent releases they might have. 


Check out Josette Reuel’s  “APPOINTMENT WITH LOVE: Captured Hearts Series 4”

sexy fashion man model dressed casual posing with a cat against grunge wall

Reece Tupoh lived his life in the shadows. A warlock-demon hybrid, both races would prefer him dead. So, with an asshole for a father who cared more about status than family and a mother who couldn’t be bothered with a squalling baby, Reece figured he was better off alone. Then, he’d met his familiar and his mentor who helped him find a rocky peace with who he was. However, he still had to hide himself from everyone, because deep down he knew he was a monster.

Heath — no last name — had been abandoned as a kitten. It wasn’t until his mentor found him he’d learned he was more than a cat. Shifting into his human form for the first time had been a thoroughly shocking experience and not just for him. Familiars were female. Heath wasn’t. Finding his warlock healed some of his deep wounds, but he knew he needed more. He needed his mate.

Ruth Dixon’s mother became pregnant one well-lubricated all hallows eve. Nine months later, Ruth appeared. A serious disappointment, she’d been kicked out of the coven at sixteen. Finding her mentor saved her life because the truth was, Ruth had been ready to find out if the summer lands were real. Thankfully, her mentor had taught her how to harness her power and feed her desires.

Now, several years later, these three misfits are brought together for the reading of their mentor’s will. A will with some interesting caveats which might just change their lives and give them an appointment with love.

Other Vendors:

This release is a part of a series of books centered around a scaredy cat commitmentphob whose mate refuses to let them escape. There are currently five releases by Josette Reuel and S. E. Isaac in this series.
Caught by Love: Captured Hearts Series 1 by Josette Reuel
Other Vendors:
A Roar of Her Own: Captured Hearts Series 2 by S.E. Isaac
Other Vendors:
Pride & Flamboyance: Captured Hearts Series 3 by S.E. Isaac & Josette Reuel
Appointment With Love: Captured Hearts Series 4 by Josette Reuel
Other Vendors:
Finding Her Roar: Captured Hearts Series 5 by S.E. Isaac
Other Vendors:

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