Introducing Crystal St. Clair, one of the LOVE MANAGEMENT anthology authors

Love Management spotlight author crystal st clair

As a mom whose child was hospitalized for an extended period of time I understand the struggle to literally be present for your child as they face such a trying time.  The practicalities of just having a place to lie your head when you are too exhausted to stay awake a moment longer can be daunting if the hospital is not near your home.  That’s why I am so happy to support this anthology. 


ALL of the proceeds from this fun and fabulous set of smexy and hilarious paranormal tales will go directly to the Ronald McDonald House Charities.  


So, please support these authors as they support this worthwhile cause.  Visit their Media Sites, Share these promos, and especially BUY the book!  It’s only 99 pennies and you will love it!


About the Anthology…

A five-story paranormal romance anthology where fate steps in to bring two lonely hearts together in each story. When our lonely hearts find themselves in a bit of trouble — landing them in anger management classes — they will have to decide whether or not to let go their past and anger in order to grab hold of true love.
Genre: Paranormal Romance Collection/Anthology
Length: 449 pages
Publication Date: August 1, 2019
Price: Just 99 pennies!
Other Vendors:


Now, let’s get to know Crystal St. Clair, author of REFLECTIONS.
“Own your imperfections then you will love your reflection.”


First off, congrats! This is a wonderful anthology. I adore the entire concept and highly recommend it anyone who loves a good mix of paranormal tales.  This collection runs the gambit from funny and sassy, sexy paranormal adventures, to somewhat darker supernatural romance.  Your story was entertaining and engaging with a bit of an edge.  Loved it!

Now, tell me why did you decide to support this particular charity with your literary efforts? Oh, and thank you for doing so!
Since high school I’ve always taken pride as a volunteer, focusing on charitable work such as for the Boys’ and Girls’ Club, and Koats For Kids. In the book world it is vital to accept writing as a hobby, because the business outcome is unpredictable, so why not enjoy what you’re doing first? The rest will come! I seen the opportunity as an author to take advantage of my interest in charitable work through anthologies and hosting the Ignite Your Soul Author Event to raise proceeds for different charitable organizations, approximately six so far inside of the book world.


How did you come to be writer? What is your favorite genre to write?
As a child I was a late reader until grade three and had horrible large writing skills until grade seven! Being punished for it by my teachers through extra work assignments couldn’t put a dent in my creativity, but really took away any interest I had in writing, until near the end of my seventh grade! Our last English assignment was to write a twisted fairy tale. My story took a life of its own and rebelled the guidelines of what our story needed to be. My teacher loved it so much that I received my first A+ in a long time! From there, I knew that I had to one day be a writer! When I was about 26 years old, that one day came and I couldn’t be happier about taking that leap sooner than later!


I love writing sub-genres into my stories so there is a little bit for everyone, but my favorite main genre to right is paranormal/fantasy because anything is possible!


How did you come up with the delightful characters in your “LOVE MANAGEMENT” anthology contribution?
Whenever choosing a characters’ name I search the meaning of names and choose the ones that best my story and its message. Safiyah, especially, felt perfect with the meaning pure because even though she is a Dhampir, her heart and soul are pure in her actions despite the half vampire blood that flows through her veins and reminds her daily of the chaos she is capable of making.



Let’s talk about the writing process.  When it comes to writing, are you a “Plotter” or a “Pantster”? Please share a bit of your process with my blog’s readers.
I am a little but of both! My plans begin with a message and story idea in mind, including the main genre; how the story is to play out for most of it. Then as I sit to write, the story takes a mind of its own and I become a pantster. However, thankful for my Love Management Anthology partners, my plotter skills have developed. We are a great team!



Where can my readers find you on social media?
Your readers can find my social media links all on my website! A one stop site, including my InspireMe Newsletter!



Thank you Crystal for taking to time to answer my interview questions and most especially for contributing to this fun and fabulous charity collection!

Best Wishes,





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