Introducing another LOVE MANAGEMENT anthology author – C.A. King

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Exciting Paranormal Romance Anthology



A five-story paranormal romance anthology where fate steps in to bring two lonely hearts together in each story. When our lonely hearts find themselves in a bit of trouble — landing them in anger management classes — they will have to decide whether or not to let go their past and anger in order to grab hold of true love.
Genre: Paranormal Romance Collection/Anthology
Length: 449 pages
Publication Date: August 1, 2019
Price: Just 99 pennies!
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Red Dot Capers

by C.A. King
“He was in agreement with his shifter side about one thing: she was much better to play with.”

Who could have ever guessed what a little red dot would lead to?

The first two stories in this Anthology were largely light and playful, but Red Dot Capers takes a slightly more serious turn while still maintaining an engaging level of humor and warmth.  Excellent story!  Great Cause!  Get your copy today.


C.A. King was kind enough to take a little time to respond to a few interview questions, so let’s get to know this talented writer, shall we?



Q. First off, congrats! This is a wonderful anthology. I adore the entire concept and highly recommend it anyone who loves funny, sexy paranormal romance. Now, tell me why did you decide to support this particular charity with your literary efforts? Oh, and thank you for doing so!
A: It’s an amazing charity that helps families in more than one country. The publisher was responsible for choosing RMH, but it was a good reason to sign up on my part.
Q.  How did you come to be writer? What is your favorite genre to write?
A: I was diagnosed with clinical depression after the loss of my mother, father and husband within three years of each other; all to cancer. 24/7 in-home care, coupled with the loss I felt, left its mark on my psyche.
Depression takes up a lot of my life. Reading and writing are the only things I have found that help (in connection with regular medication), even if only for a short time. To escape to a different world can make a big difference in my mood in real time.
To put things in perspective, when I was at my lowest point, I couldn’t open mail, talk on the phone, or even drive to the store. Walls of sadness surrounded me. As they closed in, tears would fall. There didn’t need to be a reason or trigger.
People ask me why I started writing. My answer is simple: I wanted to create a world into which other people with similar problems could escape. I wanted to share the one place that had helped me for many years.
I have always said that as long as one person finds a little bit of happiness out of my books, I am, in my opinion, an accomplished author. The same is true for every writer out there. Please don’t ever let anyone tell you different.
Q. How did you come up with the delightful characters in your “LOVE MANAGEMENT” anthology?
A: I actually wrote another novella first, but it turned out to be a bit too dark for a rom/com so I went back to the drawing board and came up with the idea of a red dot getting a cat shifter in trouble.
Q.  When it comes to writing, are you a “Plotter” or a “Pantster”? Please share a bit of your process with my blog’s readers.
A: I am a rather odd hybrid. The plan exists, but it’s in my head. I don’t write out a plot, but I have one and the stories seldom stray from the intended path. The words come out through my fingertips on the keyboard. I always have multiple works on the go.


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I asked these talented authors if they’d like to spotlight other recent releases, the following are exciting new stories from C.A. King.


In A HeartBeat is the slightly darker novella that was written first.
The strongest feelings can restart a vampire’s heart for a few beats. Rage, however, is the only one Seth finds truly satisfying. A simple bar fight takes that emotion off the plate, tossing him into a pit reserved strictly for society’s most shunned. There is one exception: a mysterious woman. Figuring out her story could be the key to his salvation.
Seth might be sour life didn’t offer him lemons, instead he got anger management classes, but If he plays his cards right, he’ll learn love is the only emotion he needs in his arsenal.



ca king TAILS ALWAYS WINTails Always Wins
Shifters and humans clash in this supernatural thriller based on prejudice, injustice, uprisings, and romance.
It began with a handful of dogs on a dangerous breed registry. Over time, that number grew. Complete species faced extinction. Then the unthinkable happened — the government began adding shifters to the list.
Brodie spent his entire life keeping his nose clean and his other form hidden from society. Enrollment in an involuntarily threat evaluation was about to change everything. Failure left two choices: a death sentence or joining the fight. He had zero interest in leading a revolution, but the foxy lady at the centre of it all had him spinning in circles.
Tails spent the majority of her life learning the value of favours and how to extract them; a skill she put to good use for the cause. When a clumsy, run-of-the-mill shifter almost ruined everything, she found herself stuck on babysitting duty. In the past, questioning superiors never crossed her mind. The new addition to the pack not only turned her world upside down, but also had her second-guessing everything, including her own feelings.
Betting against them is a deadly mistake. Wherever destiny leads them, luck is sure to follow. In the end, no matter how many times the coin is tossed, one thing holds true… Tails always wins!


Thank you, C.A. King for contributing to this wonderful anthology and for taking the time to participate in my blog promotion spree this week!  Congrats on the new releases and good luck with all of your writing endeavors!





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