Naughty or Nice?

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Whether your tastes run toward the Naughty or the Nice, Audra Hart delivers something for all paranormal romance lovers.

On the naughty side…

Freeing Their Mistress

FTM teaser - two Immortal Masters - woman bound w rope

Freeing Their Mistress

 Raven’s Keep – Book One
 A Tulsa Immortals Story

Dire financial straits have Sadie taking a second job in an exclusive paranormal BDSM club. She soon finds herself falling for the dark and sexy Immortal Masters of Raven’s Keep. Her own supernatural secrets and past betrayals urge her to run far, far away, but her heart says stay to receive the freedom, love, and acceptance so freely offered.

Will the Masters of the Keep, a Sadistic Vampire and a Voyeuristic Spell Weaver, be able to help Sadie tread the path to true freedom in a sexy pair of Come-F*ck-Me Heels or will her stubborn pride deprive them all of their happily ever after?

A Fun, Adult Exploration of One Mature Women’s journey into the BDSM lifestyle in an Engaging and Fantastical Paranormal world of Audra Hart’s making.

[Paranormal BDSM MFM Ménage Romance]
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On the sweeter side… 

Smoke and Shadow

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Smoke and Shadow (Road Witch – Book 1)

 A Tulsa Immortals Story
 By Audra L. Hart

Check out the first book in the Road Witch series, a Tulsa Immortals spinoff featuring fallen goddesses finding their soulmates in Tulsa to break an ancient curse on their long forgotten pantheon.

I was called Ninisina, but I prefer the name Shadow. I’m a road witch, a fallen goddess from a long forgotten pantheon. I’ve been cursed to roam the earth, century after century, along with my sister goddesses to redeem our kin and find the one man made just for me, my soulmate. Sadly I’m losing interest in my endless quest and just about everything else until something draws me back to Tulsa. And guess what? I immediately discover my soul’s forever mate among my friends at the Twin Ravens MC.  He’s a sexy Nordic wolf shifter but there’s one tiny, little problem … his spirit has been separated from his body.


Now, if we can just sort out this whole dead/not dead thing we can have our happily ever after, right?

This story sizzles without explicit Adult Content, but no worries, there’s plenty of steamy fun and fantastical adventure to be had with this spunky little tale.
[M/F Paranormal Romance]

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