MIDNIGHT DANCER - Tag line - find out for 99 cents LIMITED TIME

Midnight Dancer, Road Witch Book 2, released on September 29th.

Another Road Witch has roared into Tulsa, Oklahoma!

Icy is a fallen goddess turned motorcycle riding, vagabond Road Witch. She’s been caught up in a millennia old game of cat and mouse with Lulal, a psychopathic sorcerer turned serial killer, for longer than she cares to recall. One call from her sister witch sees Icy roaring into Tulsa for the latest round with Lulal.

The moment Icy steps through the door at Tulsa’s Twin Ravens MC she knows her soulmate is near! The end to a 5000 year old curse is finally within her grasp.

But her soulmate, Detective Anthony Bonativa, is a dedicated protector who serves with Tulsa PD. He also happens to be a very sexy panther shifter who knows the true supernatural nature of the killer rampaging in his city. He is on the hunt for Icy’s nemesis, who has been leaving a trail of dead bodies in this cop’s fair city.

Icy and Tony recognize their instant connection, but focus on stopping the killer in their midst. Working together, they formulate a plan to bring Lulal down, once and for all. Will they triumph over this ancient evil, or will the deranged sorcerer ultimately get the upper hand?

I’ve set the price for Midnight Dancer at only 99 cents, but this price will not last long.  On October 10th, Midnight Dancer will go up to its regular price of $2.99.  http://getbook.at/RoadWitchBook2

It’s always free to read with Kindle Unlimited!

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Midnight Dancer is a sweet and spicy insta-love paranormal romantic thriller from Audra Hart that is set in her Tulsa Immortals Universe. This story sizzles without the explicit adult content. But no worries, there’s plenty of steamy fun and fantastical adventure to be had with this spunky little romantic and suspenseful tale.

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