Combat Boots for a Great Cause


I was researching PTSD and other “Invisible” Disabilities which afflict those who have served our country and I stumbled across this fabulous Texas organization – Boot Campaign.

Boot Campaign is an organization which helps vets dealing with TBI (traumatic brain injury), PTSD, addiction, and other “hidden” disabilities that often plague those who have served our country. Let’s just say that my research and what I found on this website moved me to action.

They have a lot of cool stuff on their website, not the least of which are their boots. Yes, I ordered a pair of the boots. Heck, even Grannies need combat boots every now and then.

Visit their website today:

Please consider supporting this fundraiser on Facebook, because those who spent time in combat boots protecting our country deserve a chance to live healthy, productive and happy lives when they return to civilian footwear.


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