“You Gotta Read This Book!”

I’ve decided to have a bit of fun in the days leading up to Halloween. I’ll try to share a daily “Halloween” Themed teaser for one of my books each day until Halloween. TRICK or TREAT? You decide.

Here’s today’s offering – “You Gotta Read This Book”

MD - You gotta read this book (zombie hand)

When Icy – the newest Road Witch, comes to Tulsa and meets Tony – the no nonsense shifter cop, they both instantly know they were meant to be together – Forever!

A supernatural serial killer and millennia old curse are all that stand in the way of this sultry fallen goddess and her sexy Kitty Cop finding their Happily Ever After – Together.

Their romance is Sweet and Spicy, but the dark and evil mystery which stalks their lives makes this tale a true Supernatural Thriller – the Deadly Kind!

Can these Soulmates overcome five thousand years of hatred to embrace their eternal love story?

Midnight Dancer is a sweet and spicy insta-love paranormal romantic thriller from Audra Hart that is set in her Tulsa Immortals Universe. This love story sizzles without the explicit adult content. But no worries, there’s plenty of steamy fun and fantastical adventure to be had with this spunky little passionate and suspenseful tale. 

Get your copy of MIDNIGHT DANCER on Amazon today!


Always free to read with Kindle Unlimited

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