Wickedly Tasty Halloween Fun!

TOT - Halloween themed teaser

Twist of Time

by Audra Hart

~ Left for dead in alley but Destiny intervenes!  After being rescued by the Twin Ravens MC, Callie Boyd falls head over heels for two immortal enforcers, a sexy ancient vampire and a powerful wolf shifter.  But these two sexy supernatural bikers are already involved… with each other.   Callie soon learns these males are her fated mates, and Destiny has an epic plan for all three of them.

~ An explosive attack on the Twin Ravens MC sends Callie into hiding with her mates until she is ready to face the supernatural villains who want her dead and gone!  Armed with visions of her past lives and her growing bond with her two lovers, Callie embraces her destiny and all three are transformed to confront Anarchy and pave the way for a new, majestic dynasty.

~ If you enjoy hot and sexy romantic tales about vampires, shifters, dragons and a deadly, ancient goddess hell bent on unleashing Anarchy, you will love Twist of Time by Audra Hart.  M/M/F Erotic Romance with some Hot and sometimes Kinky love scenes.


Universal Amazon Buy Link:  https://getbook.at/TwistofTime

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