Wicked Rage of the Moon

Wicked Rage Cover

In this Final Installment of the Airendell Trilogy you will read a story of Eternal Love, Betrayal and Redemption

Morna Glynn Michaels, a former warrior and powerful Spell Weaver is now the leader of Airendell. Lucian Michaels is her husband, a centuries old Spell Weaver and Vampire, and he stands by her side, protecting and guiding her as she faces impossible odds. In a beautiful celebration they renew their commitment to each other and make plans to face the future as secrets are revealed.

Secrets from the past and a powerful enemy threaten all that they hold dear. A deadly battle leaves their world in chaos. In the end, one of their greatest allies is left hanging on by a thread. Can the love and devotion that Morna and Lucian hold for one another extend to keep their world from falling apart?

There are 3 installments in the action packed romantic saga of Lucian and Morna Michaels, each sexy and exciting tale is available at Amazon.

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Energy zaps and zings around Morna as an array of color that rivals any artist’s palette puts on a light show that always awes Morna Glynn Michaels.  She smiles happily as her molecules rearrange themselves during transport along the Bi-frost.  What ancient peoples had believed was magic is truly physics in action.  Magical Immortal beings have known this truth since ancient times even those incapable of creating this kind of ‘magic’ with their own abilities.

Heimdall, the Guardian of Asgard, didn’t wait to be asked to send the Bi-frost because he has been watching over Morna and her party of warriors.  They arrive back in Asgard very quickly.  A feeling of underlying anxiety crawls up Morna’s spine because the entire trip to the realm of the Roman god of war was almost anti-climactic, despite the confrontation with the dark witch, Kyera.

Morna had no choice but to take the witch’s life after she attacked their group and threatened the lives of Morna’s children, Kylor and Aideen.  The satisfaction she feels in knowing the dark witch will never again harm any member of her family is overshadowed by knowing another, possibly more dangerous enemy is still out there.

Morna turns to greet her godfather Heimdall, Guardian of Asgard, before she thanks her young warrior companions, Annie and Lou, who are also her niece and nephew.  They volunteered to join Morna’s group to the realm of the Roman god of war.  Despite her personal reservations about spending time around Lou Von Stiles, Morna invites the siblings to remain in Asgard as their guests.  She is worried about what her enemies might do to them for being with her.

“Morna, we wouldn’t miss tonight for anything,” Annie assures her newly found aunt with a wide grin.  “And please stop worrying about our Mother.  I don’t really think she would harm either one of us…”  Annie smiles gently and squeezes Morna’s hand. “I… She wouldn’t… I mean…”

Morna can only nod as she quashes her misgivings about the young warriors’ wellbeing.  She hopes the half Vanir goddess, half Giant is right.  She wouldn’t want to live with the guilt if her half-sister, Valgullveig, harmed either her niece or her nephew simply because they chose to go with her to Mars’ realm to confront him after Valgullveig informed him that Kylor was actually his great grandson and not his daughter’s lover.

“God, our family is so screwed up!” Morna thinks with a wry smile.  “But I am so grateful for my family… fuck ups and all.”  She hugs her father and grandfather and says, “See you in Airendell at sunset.”

Valliant, her Father and Norse demigod, roars in laughter.  “I’ll be there, Baby Girl.  This time I get to walk you down the aisle.”  His pride and happiness at the prospect of the upcoming vow renewal is obvious to all.

Morna thanks George and Agnar for standing with her and Luca today.  “Sister, my people have much at stake too.  I will remain at your side until this threat is neutralized.”  George Welborn, the Stone Breaker, tells Morna honestly.

The Stone Breakers believe someone is using Morna’s sister, Valgullveig, to try to upset the balance of good and evil in the magical worlds.  Someone who wants the Stone Cold Vampires to have free rein on humanity.  The Stone Breakers will never allow that to happen.  Their magical order has devoted their considerable power and skills to the task of protecting mortals.  Generally, by eradicating vampires who feed on and kill innocent humans.  But they also protect Gateways between the various realms.

Agnar laughs, “Hell Mo, even if I wasn’t in love with your daughter, I would have been there.  I’d never willingly miss a good fight at your side, you know that.”

Morna hugs the Vanir demigod who is an old friend of hers and is also engaged to her oldest daughter, Aideen. Morna turns her attention to her eldest children, Kylor and Aideen; “You two did very well.  I am very proud of you both.”  She hugs and kisses both of them enthusiastically.  She has only recently been reunited with them, and she is so grateful for their presence in her life.  They are both powerful magical immortals who have devoted their lives to being healers, but they are also powerful warriors.

“Now we need to go see your younger siblings, and I have to get ready for a wedding.”  Morna actually scratches her head and looks a little worried.  “I have to figure out what to wear.  I can’t believe I am so worried about clothes with all of this craziness going on around me.”  Morna laughs at herself and turns to her mate.  “Shall we check on our babies, my darling?”

Lucian Michaels, Stone Cold vampire and Spell Weaver, nods to his mate and they take off running for their hall.  Maria, the head Shaman of the Stone Breakers, meets them at the front door and she looks very worried.

“Morna, I was not able to divert Nora’s visions.  She is the most powerful seer I have ever encountered.  Whatever she saw has caused her to draw into herself.  She will not speak to anyone, not even her brothers.  She is feeling very fearful, grief stricken, and confused.”

Morna and Luca gasp.  Morna looks tormented.  She immediately understands what has made her child so fearful and confused.  The child must have seen her mother destroy the witch Kyera.  “Oh Luca!  It’s my fault.  I should not have… Oh what shall we do?” Morna whispers to her mate.