Beast Realm Box Set

BRC Trilogy Cover Dec 27, 2017

When Mara was only 19 years old her world was shattered by prejudice and hatred, but after thirteen years of trial, suffering and a lonely existence, this Greek árktos werebear gets a helping hand from some meddling gods of fate. Destiny lands Mara on a ranch in the New Mexico desert. She is down on her luck and needing a job, but finds so much more!

What she finds is a second chance at happiness! Her mate and the child she thought had been taken from her!
Once reunited with Celtic Shifter, Logan Montgomery and their son, Cameron, this dynamic mated pair learn they have a destiny much bigger than they could have ever imagined. They are to be the leaders of the Beast Realm, to give disenfranchised mix-breed shifters everywhere a safe haven and a chance for new life.

Join Mara and Logan, as well their amazing son Cameron, along with a huge cast gods, shifters, ghouls, and vampires as they pave the way for emergence of a long lost monarchy destined to rule and protect all of shifter kind.

* * * * * *
This is revised version of three books: Mara’s Homecoming, Cameron’s Rescue, & Logan’s Redemption. These books were previously published in 2014 & 2015. Also included in this download, A BONUS copy of Book One of Audra Hart’s Tulsa Immortals series, Cajun Queen and the Joker!

This book intended for adult readers only! It contains explicit descriptions of sexual intimacy and adult language. This book also contains BDSM type sexual activity, but is NOT intended to be an accurate representation of BDSM lifestyle or recommended practices for BDSM play as it is a work of PARANORMAL FICTION.
Some readers may find past abuse alluded to in the book to be a trigger.

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