Logan’s Redemption

Logan;s Redemption Cover

* * * Adult Content * * * This book is not intended for anyone under age 18 as it contains adult language and graphic scenes of D/s intimacy.

Mara and Logan have endured the fires of hell to forge a deep and abiding state of intimacy they believed as strong as steel. Her submission, freely given. His dominance, never more loving. As a result, their passions burn brighter than ever before, but new, sinister challenges lurk in the dark underbelly of the Immortal world. With rumor and innuendo rife, Logan’s trust in Mara is shaken.

Will doubt and suspicion tear these devoted lovers apart once more? Or is their love stronger than the struggles they face?

With past demons and insecurities making it harder than it should be to do his sworn duty, will Logan believe Mara has betrayed him? Betrayed the very realm they’ve been tasked with protecting? Will he protect and defend his mate or will he allow doubt to cloud his judgment and rule his actions?

Thirty-five year old Mara is being pulled from all sides. Responsibilities of being a mate, mother and guardian of an entire realm weigh heavily as malcontents seem to plot her downfall in the Immortal world. But ancient prophesy must be fulfilled and Mara has a role to play even though her own mate now questions her devotion and the gods continue making demands on her. She must soon face the Primordial goddess of Darkness on the Assyllian Plain. DESTINY HAS COME A CALLIN’.

Will Logan redeem himself in time? Will he have her back or will Mara face her destruction alone?

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