RL Merrill’s “Teacher” trilogy rocked my day!

Realistic and Relatable

Rock ‘n’ Roll Romance

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The following is my review of RL Merrill’s “Teacher – A Hollywood Rock n’ Romance Trilogy” 

I highly recommend this trilogy to anyone who wants to read a story and feel great when you finish the last page. Rock ‘n’ Romance is not my usual genre but this trilogy really stroked all my feels – in a good way. RL Merrill writes well developed characters that I’d like to meet in real life and I actually come to care about them in the pages of her stories. These Teacher books are certainly headed for my “Read Again” pile!

I have to confess that there were moments when I wanted to kick the male lead character in his bodacious behind, but his good heart and sexiness won me over easily.

The female lead is a breath of fresh air. I loved this teacher and her spunk. Despite some major issues in her life and some true insecurities, this lady simply stole my heart with her inner spark and compassion. I loved reading about a teacher with such an admirable level of professionalism, dedication and love for her job.

Get your copy today, you won’t regret it. Heck, you might as well download all three books at once because I promise you will want to read the entire trilogy!

 Teacher (A Hollywood Rock n’ Romance Trilogy Book 1) 

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Cross over into a universe of Supernatural Adventures

TI - Crossover into a Universe of Adventure

No Tricks, just some TASTY Halloween Treats!  Special LOW prices for a LIMITED TIME on all of Audra Hart’s TULSA IMMORTALS books!

This is a multi-author series where I have invited other authors, AM Halford, Elaine Barris & T Mike McCurley, to write their own stories in my fictional universe. Each book in the series can be read as a standalone. However, my books in the series advance an overall plot for the series, so it can be helpful to read my stories in order. HAPPY READING!

Cajun Queen and the Joker

Book 1


Joker’s former lover, a sexy Cajun Queen from New Orleans has brought supernatural trouble to Tulsa. Can Jenniene and Joker find their way back to each other or will the Ghouls take over at the Twin Ravens MC on All Hallows Eve?
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Gin and Wrath

Book 2

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Nearly 7 feet of raw fury in a battered leather cut is one way to describe Wrath Odinson. Strong, determined, and sweet as an Oklahoma spring morning pretty much sums up Virginia Lee Jones, or Gin to her friends.
Can Wrath, a demi-god wolf shifter with life-long domination tendencies, and Virginia, a sweet young woman with an independent streak a mile wide find common ground, while facing strange and supernatural danger? Get your copy today and find out!
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Darkheart’s Salvation

Book 4

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Twin Ravens enforcer Silas Darkheart discovers his mate, Valentina Colombo Moretti, during a ceremonial dance honoring his Chickasaw shifter guardian heritage. The moment the human female recognizes his “otherness” she flees directly into the arms of a killer. Silas rescues his fated, they begin to forge their mating bond in their dreams but threats once again loom. Will the Catamount triumph to claim his beloved in the light of day?
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Primal Heat

Book 6.5

(crossover w Beast Realm series)

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Join the leaders of the Beast Realm for a quick, HOT, and KINKY island getaway before things begin to heat up once again in Tulsa.  This novelette is not for the faint of heart!

Twist of Time

Book 7

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Left for dead in alley but Destiny intervenes! After being rescued by the Twin Ravens MC she falls heads over heels for two Enforcers, sexy ancient vampire and a powerful wolf shifter. But these two sexy bikers are already involved… with each other. Callie soon learns these males are her fated mates, and Destiny has a big plan for all three of them. An explosive attack on the Twin Ravens MC sends her into hiding with her mates until she is ready to face the supernatural villains who want her dead and gone!
If you enjoy hot and sexy romantic tales about vampires, shifters, dragons and a deadly, ancient goddess hell bent on unleashing Anarchy, you will love Twist of Time by Audra Hart. M/M/F Erotic Romance with some Hot and sometimes Kinky love scenes.

Winners Announced – Mega Giveaway

Congratulations - all 5 of my Tulsa Immortals Adventures

I recently sponsored a giveaway in The Wolf Pack: For Readers who like a good howl.

The Wolf Pack is the absolute best FB group for fans and writers of Shifter Romance and I always enjoy my time there.  This time, my pack mates surprised me with their overwhelmingly positive support so I expanded the giveaway from 1 set of 5 books to 5 sets of 5 books!  Each book bundle was worth $11.96 for all five books!

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Next time you drop by the Wolf Pack, perhaps you might join us for a discussion, picture or video share about beautiful animals, or just to tell us about the book you just read.  Maybe you can congratulate my winners:  Sarah M., Michelle C., Stacey S., Jennifer K., and Samantha L.

The TULSA IMMORTALS is a multi-author series where I have invited other very talented authors, AM Halford, Elaine Barris & T Mike McCurley,  to write their own stories in my fictional universe. Each book in the series can be enjoyed as a standalone. However, my books in the series advance an overall plot for the series, so it can be helpful to read my stories in order. HAPPY READING!



Cajun Queen and the Joker – Book 1 – PERMA FREE

Gin and Wrath – Book 2 –

Darkheart’s Salvation – Book 4 –

Primal Heat – Book 6.5 (crossover w Beast Realm series)

Twist of Time~ The Ruby Queen Awakens – Book 7 –






Romanceaholic Magazine Spotlights the TULSA IMMORTALS series & authors

I am so excited to announce that Romanceaholic e-Magazine has released a special edition spotlighting the TULSA IMMORTALS series and authors!

Romanceaholic Tulsa Immortals Spotlight cover

This special edition of Carmen Alicea’s wonderful online magazine features the books in the supernaturally sexy paranormal romance series, TULSA IMMORTALS.  The authors were all interviewed and the magazine features some beautiful graphics as well.

Check it out for yourself – absolutely FREE!  Simply click on the link below and enjoy!




TWIST OF TIME is out now!

Early reviews are glowing!

TWIST OF TIME early reviews (black moon w ravens)

Audra Hart’s Tulsa Immortals series always delivers exciting, sexy supernatural adventure and TWIST OF TIME is no exception to the rule!



Twist of Time – The Ruby Queen Awakens

FULL LENGTH NOVEL filled with Daring Exploits, Primal Emotions, Fantastical Adventure, Dark Intrigue, Plot Twists, and Hot Love Scenes!

Book 7 of the Tulsa Immortals series (can be read as standalone)
#MMF #BisexualMénage #PNR #ShifterRomance #Dragons #BDSM #Vampires #Shifters


Stormy Vixen’s Book Reviews gave TWIST OF TIME an absolutely glowing review and a wonderful spotlight for the entire TULSA IMMORTALS series!  Thank you to Stormy Vixen!  Drop by Stormy’s website, it’s truly fantastic!


5 Star Immortals – Twist of Time is an absolutely stunning read that I couldn’t put down, the story is full of sexy, bold and compelling characters that readers really want to get to know and the romance is full of scorching hot love scenes that singes the pages while the emotional turmoil that flows from the characters adds depth to their story.

One of my favorites – I love this World, all of the authors have been so perfect for it but Audra Hart is the Queen of this world!

An amazing read –  I love the world that Audra Hart has created with the Tulsa Immortals series.


It was amazing – This was such an awesome book. The story line was so detailed. And it was so nice seeing some characters from previous series make appearances. I truly loved it! Thanks Audra Hart!

This was a really good story.. 3 amazing characters who all have to figure out things on their own and then together.. they are sexy and strong.. funny and angry.. it is all around a well written and interesting story with lots of twists and turns I didn’t see coming. Very good story







NOW is the TIME!

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TWIST OF TIME before the price goes up to $3.99

TWIST - Now is the time teaser - release day (blog)


by Audra Hart
Book 7 of the Tulsa Immortals Series will blow your socks off!
Pre-Order your copy today of this 5 Alarm HOT MMF Ménage Paranormal Romance!

Once rescued by Immortal Enforcers of the Twin Ravens MC, Callie awakens to find herself embroiled in a secret world of supernatural danger and intrigue. Magick and the protective support of her saviors soon see her recovered but can Callie rebuild her shattered life? Weeks later, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to two newcomers… yep, two men! What’s a girl to do with that?
Kazar is a damaged but ancient vampire who wields unimaginable powers, while headstrong and impulsive Nyle is one of the strongest wolf shifters of his generation. They have loved each other for decades, but lost one another years ago. So, why has Destiny suddenly thrown Callie into their path just as they find each other again?
An explosive attack on the MC compound changes everything, thrusting Callie into the protective arms of her vampire and wolf because a crazed goddess wants her dead. Visions of past lives awaken her hidden inner beast, while Nyle and Kazar gain new power enabling our Triad of Lovers to accept the path laid out before them.
If you enjoy hot and sexy romantic tales about vampires, shifters, dragons and a deadly, ancient goddess hell bent on unleashing Anarchy, you will love Twist of Time by Audra Hart.
Sizzle Alert – this story contains one seriously hawt M/M/F (Bisexual Ménage) adventure with lots of over the top fun and fantasy action. Join Audra’s bad-a$$ heroine in a tale filled with snarky humor, sometimes explicit and often kinda kinky sexy times, a bit of filthy language, and enough plot twists to give a reader vertigo.