Virtual Road Trip Update

The Adventure Continues

Here’s what we still have on our itinerary for this fabulous Virtual Road Trip:

Join the group to join the fun: 

FRIDAY – September 25th

Warrior's Way (MJ Calabrese)
Next stop, The Land of Enchantment (Better known as New Mexico) with MJ Calabrese’s WARRIOR’S WAY. You won’t want to miss out on this exciting MM Romantic Suspense tale that is part of the Coulter & Woodard Series.





SATURDAY – 26th and SUNDAY – 27th – ALL DAY LONG

Midnight Dancer 400x600 cover
Audra Hart is making up for lost time! Come join Audra and Friends as she hits the road with Whatcha Readin’? Book Blog’s Virtual Road Trip to belatedly CELEBRATE her BIRTHDAY & the RELEASE of MIDNIGHT DANCER – Book 2 of the ROAD WITCH series.

Join us for a 2 Day Blow-Out Celebration!



MONDAY – September 28th

GINNY'S ANGELS (Isaac & Reuel)
Our Virtual Road Trip once again hits the road for the wilds of Alaska! Come and spend the day partying with two talented writers, S.E. Isaac & Josette Reuel. They are launching a brand new, super sexy Paranormal MC – RH Romance series based in Azrael, Alaska. The first book “Ginny’s Angels” (Blood Angels MC RH Book 1) is out now!
If you love sexy vampires, reverse-harem, and fabulous heroines, you need to check this one out today!

That is all we have on schedule until Whatcha Readin’? Book Blog recaps on Sept 30.


UPDATE – Virtual ROAD TRIP 09/10/2020

Oooops!  I’ve been so busy, what with helping my kiddo do his online school assignments and working on last minute revisions to my book which is coming out later this month, that it completely slipped my mind to update the blog about the Virtual ROAD TRIP.  Sorry, but here goes…

Get ready to hit the road graphic

Annie Buff of Apache Junction, Arizona will be joining the Road Trip tonight with her Stone Sinners MC – MAGIC MAN! 

You can JOIN the fun at 7 pm Central, Sep 10 by visiting Whatcha Readin’? Book Blogs public group.  Here’s the link: WHATCHA READIN’? – Public Group

So far, we’ve stopped off in NE Oklahoma to visit with Candi Fox, author of TWIST TIME.  Then we zipped over to Washington DC to hang out with Emily Carrington, author of FAE SCHOOLED.  Next we headed down south to chill with Bryce Evans, author of THE HUNTER’S WARRIOR.  And Most recently, MJ Nightingale, the author of THE 12TH FACTOR took us on a road trip that covered much of the eastern half of the USA… a futuristic USA!  


This road trip is already turning out to be a lot fun.  Meeting new authors, discovering great new reads, and tons of opportunities to win great prizes.  Many of the giveaways remain open, so if you missed an event night, be sure to drop by and check things out!

On the schedule for tonight?  Annie Buff and her Stone Sinners MC will take us to the Arizona desert!  7 pm Central in the Whatcha Readin’? Public Group.


What other stops are planned?

Friday, 9-11-20

We are heading out east to New York, specifically Brooklyn and Staten Island with Keira M. Belle.  The author of STORMS OF SUMMER.

Sunday, 9-12-20

R.L. “Ro” Merrill will take us to the west coast for some rockin’ male/male romance in the San Francisco Bay Area with her recent release, BRAINS AND BRAWN.

Tuesday, 9-15-20

C.D. Gorri is taking over the group for the whole day to celebrate her birthday!  Happy Birthday CD!  We will travel to CD’s fictional community of Macconwood, New Jersey to hang with the Macconwood Pack with CONNAL’S MATE.  Lots of sexy shifter fun will likely be had by one and all.

Wednesday, 9-16-20

Shea Balik will take us North to Alaska for some rousing good fun with OUTWITTED BY THE HUSKY, new addition to Shea’s Mystic Pine’s series. MM Contemporary Romance.

Thursday, 9-17-20 

Cree Storm will be taking us to Canada!  More specifically, Grand Remous, Quebec!  She will introduce us to her recent release, EXPECTING THE UNEXPECTED!  If you enjoy male/male romance and adventure with a paranormal twist, make plans to join Cree and Whatcha Readin’?

Saturday, 9-19-20

We head to TEXAS with Vera Quinn to discover BEAUTY FROM THE ASHES OF DESTRUCTION.  Lots of sexy MC Romance fun for all.  Varroooom, varrrooommmm!

Sunday, 9-20-20

We hop back on our Harleys to join Kathryn Kelly in Washington state where she will introduce us to her recent release, MISRULE.  We will be riding with her fictional motorcycle club, the Death Dwellers MC.  Guaranteed to leave bugs in your teeth because you will be smiling for the entire ride!  *WINK* *WINK*

Monday, 9-21-21

Don’t park those hogs just yet!  The 21st is my birthday!  Yep!  Audra Hart and her ROAD WITCH series will be blasting into Tulsa, Oklahoma because there’s a new witch in town!  I’ve got  lots of things planned for the entire day, so make plans to stop by and join the fun.

Tuesday, 9-22-20

Hang onto your party hats because we have another birthday girl in the line up.  We head out on another run with Linny Lawless and her Royal Bastards MC!  She’s taking us to Northern Virginia and Washington DC for this fun packed day to celebrate her birthday and her latest book MISRULE!

Wednesday, 9-23-20

We will be crossing the pond with JF Holland!  Spend some time frolicking  in the UK’s Manchester country side with Holland’s Nymphs and Dragons in FAE LOVER (Eternal Mates Immortal Dating Site Book 3)

Friday, 9-25-20

Next stop, The Land of Enchantment (Better known as New Mexico) with MJ Calabrese’s WARRIOR’S WAY. You won’t want to miss out on this exciting MM Romantic Suspense tale that is part of the Coulter & Woodard Series.

That is all we have on schedule for now until Whatcha Readin’? Book Blog recaps on Sept 30, but we hope to fill any empty days soon.  Authors, if you want to hit the road with us, email me at or PM me on Facebook.



Virtual Road Trip UPDATE 09.02.20

Hitting the road with CANDI FOX

Author Candi Fox will join Whatcha Readin’? Book Blog in their Public Facebook group tomorrow to kick off a month long VIRTUAL END OF SUMMER ROAD TRIP!

Lot’s of FUN for readers and writers of all things ROMANCE READ related! Games, Teasers, Contests, and Fun Things from around the country as we meet NEW AUTHORS and find those ROMANCE READS we ADORE!

We are hitting the road tomorrow with Candi Fox.
Candi is the author of TWISTED TIME
part of the “Killing Chronicles” series
When: Wed – Sept 2 @ 8 pm Central
Where: Whatcha Readin’?’s Public Group
====> Beautiful Eastern Oklahoma

Don’t Miss out on the Fun. CLICK on the LINK below to join our group today and let’s CELEBRATE with a wild virtual ROAD TRIP!

Virtual Road Trip for Readers & Writers of all things ROMANCE

WHATCHA READIN’? book blog and public group are hosting an ONLINE VIRTUAL ROAD TRIP to celebrate all things ROMANCE READING!

WR presents ROAD TRIP part 1

Whatcha Readin’? and AUDRA HART present a “virtual” ROAD TRIP to celebrate the end of summer for READERS & WRITERS of all things ROMANCE!

Join Whatcha Readin’? Blog, Audra Hart and her author friends in the WHATCHA READIN’? PUBLIC GROUP throughout the month of September to meet new authors, explore exciting locales around the USA, learn about FREEBIES, Contests & Giveaways, and to help Audra Hart celebrate the release of her new book.

Join the group to join the fun!
WHATCHA READIN’? – Public Group

AUTHORS interested in joining the “Virtual” ROAD TRIP event should check out the event pages here:

September 2- 16

September 16 – 30



End of summer road trip

Most of us can agree that 2020 has been a rough year for a variety of reasons.  Personally, I have dealt with health issues and have been dealing with the challenges of raising a special needs teenager on my own during quarantine and online schooling.  While these issues are still a daily part of my life, my creative MUSES have slowly made a return to my life.

In fact, I am pleased to report that I am once again writing on the regular and working with graphics and promo ideas!   I’m happy to report that I am ready to get back on the road to writing happily ever afters for my sexy bad boy alphas and their sassy, spectacular ladies.  To that end, I’ve decided to make September a banner month for Audra Hart and the Tulsa Immortals.

party time doggie & bday cake - cutesySeptember is also my birthday month and I plan to have some fun.  And you are INVITED to join the festivities!

I am very excited to announce that I will be offering lots of freebies and contests during September to celebrate my birthday and the return of my MUSES.

And best of all, I’ll be releasing a new book!

More to come on that later.

Cajun Queen and the Joker will be joining the rest of the Tulsa Immortals gang on Kindle Unlimited in September 2020.

Joker is hitting the road (moving to KU)

More about Cajun Queen and the Joker

Jenniene teaser - beg for help

Joker’s former lover, a sexy Cajun Queen from New Orleans has brought supernatural trouble to Tulsa. Can Jenniene and Joker find their way back to each other or will the Ghouls take over at the Twin Ravens MC on All Hallows Eve?

CAJUN QUEEN AND THE JOKER is the first book in the TULSA IMMORTALS series.  You can get it FREE on Prolific Works and Smashwords for a LIMITED TIME:


Universal Amazon link:


Month Long “Virtual” Road Trip

Hosted by Watcha Readin’? Book Blog & Audra Hart

Join the group to join the fun!

WHATCHA READIN’? – Public Group

Check back regularly for info on fun stuff like freebies, contests and more info about my upcoming release.  Let’s celebrate getting another year older and the end of summer with a ROAD TRIP!