Reviewers LOVE Sadie & her “Boys”

Freeing Their Mistress released on May 15th – via many outlets.  If you buy your books any place besides Amazon you might want to hurry because Freeing Their Mistress is heading for KDP status at the first of next month so that my Kindle Unlimited readers can enjoy this story with their KU subscription.

In the meanwhile, here are the links to get your copy of

Freeing Their Mistress

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FTM promo graphic w RK logo, couple in shower, FTM cover


The reviewers seem to enjoy the story and the reaction at the release parties has been gratifying!  FTM is the first book in the spinoff series “Raven’s Keep”.  This series is set in my Tulsa Immortals Magickal Universe, so you know you are going to encounter tons of fascinating supernatural beings at my ultra exclusive BDSM club.


Why did I decide to write a series based in a BDSM club?  Well, my Immortals tend to love hard, and this lifestyle and the community that develops around a BDSM club seemed the perfect venue for these naughty paranormals to strut their stuff!

In Freeing Their Mistress, a MFM paranormal romance, we meet Sadie, Roi & Anton.  Reviewers love these three together!

“I have come to expect a certain amount of hotness from Audra Hart and this one was certainly no exception! It had all the heat you need but the best parts were the emotions and the relationship building between these three.”

“I loved that Roi and Anton are willing to give Sadie the time to get her feet under her but refused to let her hide. I loved that Roi and Anton saw Sadie’s strength and her need. I loved that both men lifted her even as they held her close.”

Now, let’s meet the main characters of Freeing Their Mistress!


Here’s Sadie!

At forty years of age and forty pounds overweight, Sadie doesn’t exactly see herself as a sex kitten type, but her back is up against the wall. She goes for a second job at Tulsa’s Ultra Exclusive BDSM club, Raven’s Keep, to solve her financial woes.

Wow! The results are life changing, for Sadie and the Immortal Masters of Raven’s Keep!

Oh, and you’ll love the job interview! 😀

Reviewers LOVE this new character from Audra Hart

“… a woman that is strong, loyal, hard-working and so courageous.”

“I love the strength Sadie had. She had an overabundance of pride but I loved seeing her pull herself up from her bootstraps and regained her sense of self.”

“… she learns to let go of all her preconceived notions of the lifestyle and pushes her boundaries.”

Meet Sadie - Mom & son in field of flowers


Now, let’s meet Roi Lyons.  He is the primary owner and operator of Raven’s Keep.  He’s also one of Sadie’s fated mates!

FTM - she needs us as much we need her (roi w jacket over shoulder)

Master Roi Lyons is a suave and sophisticated centuries old Spell Weaver.  He runs Raven’s Keep because he is also a master Dom with a penchant for voyeurism and bondage.  He is patient, protective, loving and very capable of protecting those he loves.

Monsterella Reviews said, “Roi is such a dominating presence whether he’s front and center or watching from the sidelines. I truly enjoyed his character.”

You’ll love the naughty ways Roi uses his magick during BDSM scenes! 😉


Now, let’s meet Anton Dracul.  A centuries old vampire from a very famous bloodline in Romania.  He’s also an enforcer who guards ancient secrets as he lives the life of an outlaw biker.

Oh, and did I forget to mention he’s the Keep’s premier Master Sadist, as well as part owner of the club, and one of the drop dead sexy men in Freeing Their Mistress‘ sizzlin’ hot triad?

FTM - Anton you are mine
Where Roi is elegant and personable, Anton is gruff, sexy as sin, and very accustomed to getting his way… in all things. But as this teaser reveals, our hardened Sadist Vampire does have a tender side.. for Sadie!  However, Sadie, as poor Anton soon discovers, is not accustomed to giving in… ever. Let’s just say the sparks will fly!


If you like Alpha Males who are accustomed to getting their way and making you enjoy it, you’ll love Anton!  Monsterella Reviews said; “Don’t let the bad a$$ persona fool you, this stud can be tender. Tho he does tend to be a little callous and demanding.”


In closing, the reviews are wonderful for Freeing Their Mistress!

Monsterella Reviews

“Get ready to be dominated by an amazing story!!!
This is one of those stories that really draws you in. One where you can feel what the characters are going through. One that at times you want to give them a kick in the rump and at others you just want to hold them tight.”

Stormy Vixen’s Book Reviews

“The characters are strong, bold and very convincing as they draw readers into the story which is full of sizzling chemistry and scorching passion but this story is more about woman and her coming into her own that about the actual lifestyle… this romance is one thrilling, exciting, emotional and seriously hot but also sweet and sassy reading experience.”

Talk to Me Tuesday with MJ Nightingale

Welcome to Talk to Me Tuesday w MJ Nightingale

About MJ Nightingale from her Amazon Author page

MJ Nightingale is a USA Today Best Selling author, and the author of The Bounty Hunters: The Marino Brothers. She has also written the Secrets & Seduction series, and the Mystic Nights series. She lives in Florida with her husband, two sons, and a sweet dog named Champ. Writing is her passion and escape, but she is also a teacher of 27 years. Her books are set in the places she has lived and travelled. Her heroes are men who will sweep you off your feet, and save the day. You can always expect a wild ride, an HEA, suspense, intrigue and super steamy scenes in an MJ Nightingale book.


I am pretty sure that I first encountered MJ Nightingale a few years back when I was organizing one of my Autism Awareness author events on Facebook.  I know for certain that is how we recently reconnected.  She did an amazing half hour takeover back in late April for the event hosted by myself and Ro Merrill.  This special lady is a wife, mom, educator, talented writer, and advocate for ASD awareness.  So,  Let’s talk with MJ Nightingale, shall we?


Let’s talk about your favorite genre to read? To write?

My favorite genre to read and write is romantic suspense. I love stories with happy endings because they leave me satisfied and feeling positive about life. It is a great pick me up. I also like the added bonus of the suspense element because that keeps me turning those pages.


My Granny used to say, “You are what you read.”  While I am not certain about the validity of that statement, I am always interested in knowing what books have made a lasting impression on people.  So, MJ, would you mind sharing a bit about your top 3 favorite books?

My favorite books of all time as of this moment because it is always changing:
Jane Eyre – a classic love story with so many twists, turns, and complications it will leave your head spinning. Plus, I love the idea where true romance can come to anyone, even someone as plane as Jane.
The Hunger Games series – I love dystopian fiction so gosh darn much. What talent these writers have to completely create a world of their own from their very imaginative brains, while at the same time telling a rich story guised as a fable that can teach us lessons about our society as a whole. I am currently writing a dystopian series of my own and these books inspire me so.
Pride and Prejudice – I know its another classic romance, but this book has it all. Great character and side character development. To think the authors back then did not have character maps, and technological tools, like writers today to plot out these masterpieces really blows me away. I love this book because of the complexity of a family saga is just so fantastic. The weaving and crafting are genius. Plus, it’s a love story between one heck of an alpha who has to overcome societal stereotypes and misogynistic views to see the woman before him is his true match. I mean growing up as a teenage girl, I am sure many of us thought about the guy we were crushing on, and thought, why not me. Why is he chasing that girl? It spoke to me then, and speaks to me know. Plus, the guy finally makes the right decision in the end to get the happily ever after I crave in all of my books.


Please tell us what’s on the top of your TBR pile right now?

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Broken Throne by Victoria Aveyard. I just finished reading her Red Queen series, a great dystopian fiction series, and I miss the characters so much. I want to know how they are doing. Haha. But Broken Throne has five novellas about different characters mentioned in the series. I can’t’ wait to see what her characters have been up to since I read the last pages of final book in the series.


Do you have a favorite theme for the stories you read and write?

One of my favorite themes is overcoming obstacles whether they be external or internal obstacles. Preferably I try to make my characters have both. The external conflict for the adrenal junky in me and I just find those types of conflicts make me want to keep reading the book to find out how the problem will be resolved. I always like to have some kind of internal obstacle to overcome as well. I think readers appreciate this so much, I know I do, because then you can really get a feel for the character and possibly even relate to them in some way.


As a writer, let’s talk POV? Which do you prefer and why?

I’m a third person point of view person all the way. I like to get in all my characters heads, and reveal story and plot and emotion through this point of view. I find first person so limiting. You can only get into one character’s head with it. Then if you don’t like that character it kind of kills a book for me. I mean, why would I want to read the thoughts of someone I don’t like. I have read some great first-person point of view books, but I prefer third as a writer. I find I can get readers excited about many characters that way.


What inspired you to write your first book? And, please, tell us about that book. 

The first book I wrote was called Fire in His Eyes. I was inspired to write it because it was a gut-wrenching romance story that needed to be told. It has tons of angst, will make you cry but leave you feeling good in the end. It is not your typical romance. I really wanted to explore the idea of secrets in relationships and how they can destroy you, or you can choose to overcome those obstacles and learn to rebuild trust. I wrote three books in that series before I turned my attention to writing romantic suspense.


Can we talk about character development? Do you have a set process for developing your characters? Do you plot them out ahead of time or do they develop as you write the story? 

I usually come up with the bid idea for a series. Then break them down. Then I do character sketches for all the main characters. I focus on physical descriptions, and emotional baggage. I want each character to be different and have their own backstory and history before I start writing. This way I can be sure the readers are happy with unique tales weaved together to culminate in the final book of a series. I plot, plot, plot.


Do you mind sharing the synopsis of your latest story with our readers? Maybe give us a tease to whet our appetites? How did you come up with the idea for this story? 

Black Jack (Book 4 of the Mystic Nights series)

Mystic Nights Banner by MJ Nightingale
Synopsis: Dawn Sassacus wants to help her family even if it means looking for trouble at the casino as a dealer on the floor. No one steals from her people and gets away with it. No one. Especially not a smoldering hazel eyed con-man who counts cards. Even if he makes her body burn.

Jackson Black is a working man. Using several aliases, he conducts his business across the country undetected until one young, bookish black jack dealer threatens his game. And he knows he’s the best game in town. But looking at her, he knows she is a game he would like to play. With his cover in jeopardy, he needs to do something drastic. With single minded focus, Jackson sets his sights on pleasantly distracting the woman with the cherry lips, and sexy smile.

Dawn knows she’s in deep. Deep trouble and love. Her gut tells her to trust Jack even though she still can’t figure him out. He’s hiding something from her. She knows it. Should she risk her heart? Can she play his game, or will she find out that Jack’s heart is as black as his name?

Idea inspiration – I was at a book signing event in Biloxi, Mississippi and it was located at a casino. I just though a casino run by a family would make such a great setting for a book. I mean so much could happen there with the business offices, stores, restaurants, etc. There was just so much possibility for good intrigue and mystery to happen there, right. Well, because I also grew up near a reservation, I knew a lot about Native Americans and know many tribes have started their own casinos. So that was when I knew I wanted the family to run it to be Native American. In total there are five main books in the series. Each of the first four is about a sibling who works there. The fifth book will be about the four sibling’s mom and the over arcing mystery that is hinted at in the first four books. But, each book is a complete book in and of itself and each has its own mystery as well. I don’t want to give away too much, but the final book is going to be such a shocker. It will be my homage to classical romance books as well.


Other series by MJ Nightingale that will blow you away!

Secrets & Seductions series


the bounty hunters by MJ Nightingale


Readers can find MJ Nightingale here:

You can contact her on Facebook, twitter (@nightingale_mj), and Instagram, or visit her website.


Sign up for her newsletter to get sneak peeks and more:

Find MJ on Amazon:











Welcome to Raven’s Keep – Freeing Their Mistress is now LIVE!

FTM - Welcome to Tulsas exclusive BDSM club 2 (noise softened).jpg

Freeing Their Mistress by Audra Hart is LIVE!

📚 Sexy Paranormal Adventures with just a Kiss of Kink
Freeing Their Mistress – A MFM Paranormal BDSM Adventure
Your Invitation to Raven’s Keep
One Woman’s Journey of
Self-Discovery and Deliverance

NOW LIVE on many vendor sites! Still just 99 cents!
Universal Amazon link:
B&N Nook:

Early Reviews are gratifying!

STormy Vixen Review - Freeing Their Mistress

Find Stormy Vixen on Facebook!


You are cordially invited to Audra’s Release Celebration tonight!

FTM - your invitation to Raven's Keep softened (Noise)

Join us for….
Freeing Their Mistress Release Celebration!
A Paranormal MFM BDSM Ménage Romance
by Audra Hart is now LIVE and these authors are ready to party with Tantalizing Teasers, Glorious Giveaways & Cheeky Contests!
Wed, May 15th
.7:00 pm – JF Holland
.8:00 pm – AM Halford
.9:00 pm – Audra Hart
To help ensure we only reach those adults who are fans of ero/rom fiction and enjoy a bit of naughty fun, the actual party will be held on the TALL, DOM & DIRTY group page.
JOIN the group to join the FUN!




Freeing Their Mistress LIVE tomorrow!

FTM Profile pic 2 black sky

Freeing Their Mistress

Paranormal MFM BDSM Ménage Romance
By Audra Hart

Goes LIVE tomorrow, May 15th!

ON SALE for just 99 cents!  Grab it before the price goes up to $2.99!

Universal Amazon link:

¸.•´¸.•⭐´¨) ¸.•❤’¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•`❤ “Freeing Their Mistress”
A Paranormal MFM BDSM Ménage Romance
Kicks off a Brand New Series from Audra Hart

You are cordially invited to Raven’s Keep.
Please, leave your inhibitions at the door.

About Freeing Their Mistress

One Woman’s Journey of Self-Discovery and Deliverance

Sadie is a human woman with a low-down, double dealing, ex-husband and a special needs son. She knows she can earn the cash she desperately needs working at Raven’s Keep – Tulsa’s exclusive paranormal BDSM club. But can she protect her own supernatural secrets at the same time? Once on the job, she is quickly dubbed Mistress Vanilla by the club’s patrons as she finds a new home within the walls of Raven’s Keep. Her instant attraction to the owners of the club grows daily but Sadie obstinately resists the magnetism of Masters Anton and Roi.

Will the Masters of the Keep, a Sadistic Vampire and a Voyeuristic Spell Weaver, be able to help Sadie tread the path to true freedom in a sexy pair of Come-F*ck-Me Heels or will her stubborn pride deprive them all of their happily ever after?

Universal Amazon link:

Raven's Keep - you know you are curious Elegant couple white background







Talk to Me Tuesday with RL Merrill

Welcome to Talk To Me Tuesdays - RL Merrill

I met author RL “Ro” Merrill a few years back when I was organizing one of my Autism Awareness events on Facebook.  We’ve chatted a lot over the years and I’ve read several of her books, LOVED ‘EM ALL!, and I’m pleased to say we’ve become friends.  This lady is caring, witty, whacky, and just so much fun!  I’m so exciting to Talk with Ro today!

Join Us! ❤

About R.L. Merrill from her Amazon Page
Once upon a time… a teacher, tattoo collector, mom, and rock ‘n’ roll kinda gal opened up a doc and started purging her demons. Several self-published books and a debut gay romance with Dreamspinner Press later, R.L. Merrill is still striving to find that perfect balance between real life and happily ever after. She writes stories set in the places she loves most, such as Hollywood, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Northern California-and Iowa. Ro also loves connecting with other authors online, at the annual Romantic Times Booklovers Convention, and chapter meetings for the Romance Writers of America, of which she’s been a member since 2014. A sucker for underdogs, Ro has adopted a wide variety of pets including cats, dogs, rats, snakes, fish, and a chameleon named Godzilla. Her love of horror is evident the moment you walk in her door and find yourself surrounded by decorative skulls and quirky artwork from around the world. You can find her lurking on social media where she loves connecting with readers, educating America’s youth, being a mom taxi to two busy kids, in the tattoo chair trying desperately to get that back piece finished, or head banging at a rock show near her home in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Let’s talk about your favorite genre to read? To write?
To read? Paranormal. I like to really get lost. But mostly I read for authors, not necessarily the genre. I do love me some LGBTQ pairings. To write? Contemporary gives me all the feels and paranormal is damn fun! Horror is something I’m dying to write.
What inspired you to write your first book? And, please, tell us about that book.

A really ugly time in my life got me writing and I’ve not stopped for ten years! I love it. It fulfills me in a way I didn’t think was possible. My first book was a supernatural romance set at a boarding school for children who have been victims of trauma. Someday I’ll publish it! Haunted was my debut and people still tell me they love “dem boys from Houma, LA”

Do you have a favorite theme for the stories you read and write?

Hope, Love, and rock ‘n’ roll are at the center of all of my stories. Love healing hurt, good overcoming evil, fate…those are all themes that make frequent appearances in my stories.

Let’s talk POV? Which do you prefer and why?

I started in first person, then switched to third. I can go either way. I don’t know that I have a preference.

What’s on the top of your TBR pile right now?

Clay Davis’s The Ballad Of Pierre Poppet! Arctic Sun by Annabeth Albert, and Robyn Peterman’s latest witch book!

Do you mind sharing the synopsis of your latest story with our readers? Maybe give us a tease to whet our appetites? How did you come up with the idea for this story?

My next release will be part of the Love is All anthology, out June 4th. It’s called Pinups and Puppies

Marianne Cross has lived a life of structure and purpose for the past twenty-four years. Now reluctantly retired from the Air Force, her life is missing those two things that have always defined her. As she struggles to decide where her future lies, she finds peace and solitude flying her vintage airplane. When an opportunity with the organization Pawsitive Flight comes along, allowing her to combine flying with a purpose, she’s interested in the possibilities—especially those concerning the owner of Goth Dog Rescue, Dinah Shaw. She’s tough, beautiful, and she makes Marianne want things she hasn’t allowed herself to want in a long time.

Flying rescue dogs to their furever homes may give Marianne new purpose, and even a home of her own in the process…if she’s willing to risk her heart on a little fly-by-night romance.

The story happened after my best friend’s husband told me he’s been flying dogs to rescue organizations all over the state on his day off in the Cessna he and my bestie own! Isn’t that awesome?

Can we talk about character development? Do you have a set process for developing your characters? Do you plot them out ahead of time or do they develop as you write the story?

It usually starts with a song or a “what if” wondering. I did find a tool recently that helped me create some characters for an upcoming WIP. It’s a graphic I stole from someone.

Please talk to us about where readers can find you on social media and where they can find your books. Maybe share a bit about your top 3 favorite books?

Readers can find me lurking on social media at the links below. I also have a reader group called Ro’s Roadies Of Romance. I’d love for you to join. As for my books:
If you like contemporary with a little sprinkling of the occult, a heap of grief, and some tattoo healing, try Haunted. If ginger reclusive rock gods trying to better themselves for their kids are your catnip, try Teacher. If you dig ornery octogenarians with wayward balls who play accidental Cupid to the gay odd couple and dudes who are Forces of Nature, check out Hurricane Reese!

Thank you so much Audra!  Newsletter-y Thingie!

RL Merrill Rock 'n' Romance
Message from Ro’s FB page:
Greetings from New Orleans! To celebrate, I wanted to share my paranormal romances inspired by the city, the Minded series! They are all 99 cents on Amazon and I’d LOVE for you to pick one up! You can start with Minded, or the prequel Father F’in Christmas, and get ready, because on June 24th I will be releasing a NEW MINDED BOOK! That’s right! Maggie and Louis are BACK! So catch up today!

Minded SEries by RL Merrill new minded book coming june 24

If your reading tastes lean toward gay romance, you will love the Forces of Nature series from Dreamspinner Press.  Check them out!

Forces of Nature series by RL Merrill


What’s Audra’s Favorite Series by Ro Merrill?  Teacher!

teacher graphic




Special Talk to Me Thursday, featuring Author AM Halford



Talk to Thursdays - Meet Author AM Halford

Welcome to Talk to Me Thursday with M/M Romance Author AM Halford!

Confession time! I am frequently as impatient as a child on Christmas morning.  Sad, but true.  Therefore, there will be weeks when I will run Talk to Me Thursdays to  feature another author or person from the Romance Novel industry who I am simply dying to talk with and I don’t want to wait until the next week.

Today is one such Thursday! Shall we begin?

I first encountered AM Halford a few years ago when I was looking to add fresh voices to my fictional worlds.  I was kicking off the Tulsa Immortals series and wanted to make it a multi-author vehicle to offer readers a little sumthin’, sumthin’ for all tastes in paranormal romance.  A mutual friend, Kristina Galbert, suggested AM Halford and I talk.  Via PMs on Facebook and a few calls, we did just that.  We soon discovered that we worked well together, bouncing ideas off each other and the like.  I am so honored to have this young author of Male/Male romance as a part of my Tulsa Immortals universe.  As of the day I am writing this piece, Ms. Halford has two stories in my Tulsa Immortals series; Leo’s Salvation and Coyote’s River, with plans to write at least one more for the series.

AM Halford’s writer voice is fresh and young, yet mature.  Her storylines are exciting, fast-paced and fairly straightforward.  Her love connections between her characters are delightful.  Her humor, a blast to read!

So, let’s MEET AM Halford!

About A.M. Halford in her own words from her page on
I live in Southern Oregon and enjoy spending as much time outside as I possibly can. My partner and I often find ourselves hiking with our two dogs when the weather permits it. Fishing, camping, and photography are also activities I greatly enjoy. If the weather doesn’t permit going outside I like to curl up with a sketch book and draw whatever comes to mind.

I got into writing as an outlet for personal therapy and have since expanded that into a hobby and profession that I enjoy. I often write down anything that comes to mind, combing through the ideas and expanding on plots that sound the most interesting. I like to write believable relations between people overcoming unfair hardships set before them. I always love a happy ending and no matter the hell my characters go through they’ll always get their forever person.

AM Halford Banner

The following are Ms. Halford’s responses to my interview questions.  Enjoy!

Let’s talk about your favorite genre to read? To write?
My favorite genre to read has got to be scifi! Followed closely by paranormal.
I write primarily in the paranormal genre. I enjoy the freedom it allows me and the world building that comes with writing the stories.
What inspired you to write your first book? And, please, tell us about that book.
I was inspired to create ‘A Dragon’s Dream’ by my hikes and fishing trips around southern Oregon. I honestly had the idea for the setting of the book before I had the plot or characters. Jason and Michel came second. What drove me to actually publish my first book was I got fired from my job for telling the boss to fuck off, he was a creep.
Do you have a favorite theme for the stories you read and write?
If I had to pick it would be overcoming hardships. Whether those hardships are large or small, I think it’s great to watch a character grow from page to page. Another would be acceptance, especially if that acceptance leads to finding their HEA.
Let’s talk POV? Which do you prefer and why?
I write in third person because it allows more diversity in voice I think. I enjoy seeing a story from multiple angles, and third person allows that to happen in a more natural way.
What’s on the top of your TBR pile right now?
Honestly, I haven’t had the chance to even look at my TBR pile in weeks. If I had to pick, it would probably be Audra Hart’s next Tulsa Immortals book ❤
Ain’t she cute? 😉

Do you mind sharing the synopsis of your latest story with our readers? Maybe give us a tease to whet our appetites? How did you come up with the idea for this story?
I have multiple stories I’m currently working on, but I think I got something that’ll make you wish I was writing faster.
Warrior Omega: Ragnar, knight of the kingdom comes a far north fief as a merchant’s escort, but also to find a life partner. He’s heard of an undefeated omega, the son of the overseeing lord, and wishes to try his hand and winning the sword wielding omega.
Gunnar, the omega in question, has had his heart broken once and to keep it from happening against declares that he will wed no one that cannot first best him in a one on one duel. So far he’s been able to defeat every suitor that’s come his way, but he is not prepared for Ragnar.
“I welcome you and your men to my home. Kare, Gunnar!”
Biting back the fear he felt seeping into every bone of his body, Gunnar stepped forward with his birthing father. Just like that the tone of the newcomers shifted. All eyes moved from Tobias to Gunnar and his skin prickled with unease. He hated this!
Magnus took Kare’s hand as soon as he could and Gunnar remained back a step. “This is my mate, Kare, and our son, Gunnar.”
With the prompting, Gunnar raised his eyes to the people staring openly at him. He straightened his back and met each of their wide eyed expression with confidence he didn’t entirely feel. When he finally locked eyes with Ragnar something changed in the air. There was no rejection in the man’s eyes. No confusion. If anything Ragnar looked pleased by the announcement.
Gunnar’s instincts told him to take a step back. To flee the presence of such a man.
Ragnar dismounted and approached Gunnar. With effort he maintained his ground and let the knight take his hand. “A pleasure, Gunnar,” the rough man said surprisingly gently, before placing a kiss to Gunnar’s open palm.
Warmth spread up his arm and started down his body. Removing his hand from Ragnar’s Gunnar threw up his defenses and glared at the knight. “Lord Gunnar is my title, knight.”
Tobias chuckled behind him while everyone else gawked.
“Of course, my mistake,” Ragnar easily recovered.

Wow!  This sounds wonderful.  *Crack* That’s the whip cracking to get Ms. Halford writing faster!

Can we talk about character development? Do you have a set process for developing your characters? Do you plot them out ahead of time or do they develop as you write the story?
I do a quick plot outline which my characters and story follow throughout the book, but for the most part their development takes place as I write. When I do try and plot out the development ahead of time I find it comes off artificial. As for their personalities, that is entirely my characters. Take Gunnar from above, he’s a self-assured but guarded man, with reason. Ragnar is just self-assured and cocky, with a gentle nature when directed at those he cares about.

AM Halford Follow Me Graphic
Please talk to us about where readers can find you on social media and where they can find your books. Maybe share a bit about your top 3 favorite books?

I can be found on multiple social media sites, a list of which I’ve provided below. All of my books can be found on my amazon page, as well as my website.
As for my top 3 favorite books, that’s a hard one. Dragonsong and its sequel Dragonsinger by Anne McCaffrey have got to be first, with Dragonsong being just a bit ahead. Longest Evening of the Year by Dean Koontz, would be number two. And in third place Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice.