Omega’s Choice

Omega's Choice Cover

Under the full moon of Samhain and the benevolent eye of the goddess Faluna, dignitaries of the preternatural world and pack members alike gather to witness the mating ceremony of the Alpha’s daughter. Every werewolf present on the night of this very special mating ceremony feels the pull of the moon and the primal magick in their very souls. On this one powerful night, many lives will be forever changed, for good and ill.

The ALPHA of Henderson pack, POWERFUL – DOMINANT – PROTECTIVE, is one of the strongest shifter leaders in North America. Many also believe he is one of the most cold-hearted and passionless males around. But do they truly know the male beneath the façade of the single-minded leader?

Maria, the OMEGA of the Henderson pack is, SMART – SEXY – CAPABLE, is no weak-willed wolf who crawls about on her belly, cowering before raging Alpha males. Maria meets every challenge confidently with her innate strength, intelligence, transparent honesty, and unique abilities. Or does she?

There is one CHOICE she’s shied away from for years…

Her role as the ALPHA’S advisor and the pack’s OMEGA, spiritual healer and counselor, gives Maria a great deal of well-deserved recognition, but her role as the Alpha’s lover is something they’ve kept “secret” for over a decade.

The magick of the sacred rites call to Maria’s soul and bring her long suppressed primal nature to fore, making her long for what she has long denied herself. Will the pack’s OMEGA finally face the demands of her primal, animal nature? Will Maria finally choose to follow her heart, or continue to be a slave to what she believes is her duty?

Note from the author: Omega’s Choice, like all of the books in the Wolf Diaries series, can be read as a standalone, as each book is a self-contained story with an HEA. However, the reader will receive a much richer and entertaining experience by reading these interconnected stories in order.

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