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Welcome to Audra Hart’s Magickal Universe of the Tulsa Immortals.

Shifters, Vamps, Demi-gods, Ghouls, Blood Wraiths, & Guardians of ancient lore!

Complex characters, intricate story lines, and fast moving pace!

The Tulsa Immortals universe was created by Audra Hart, and first shared with her readers in the Airendell Chronicles series, and then expanded to include the Beast Realm Chronicles.  Now this exciting & Magickal Universe is having an exciting revival with the new TULSA IMMORTALS multi-author series.

This exciting new series contains books written by multiple other authors. Each story can be read as a standalone, however, reading the entire series gives the reader a much richer experience.  Each fantastical tale is the brilliant creation of the individual authors, however, each author works in conjunction with Ms. Hart to ensure the series mythology, lore, and story lines mesh for our reader’s enjoyment.  All of the stories by Audra Hart advance the over-arcing storyline of the TULSA IMMORTALS series, but can still be read as standalones.

Authors in the Tulsa Immortals Universe include:
Audra Hart

A.M. Halford

Elaine Barris

T Mike McCurley


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Cajun Queen and the Joker by Audra Hart

Cajun Queen and the Joker Kindle Mock up

Book 1 – Cajun Queen and the Joker by Audra Hart
The woman who broke Joker’s heart shows up at the Twin Ravens MC with trouble hot on her heels as All Hallows Eve approaches.  This fast paced, action-packed story will knock your socks off and send you searching for a fan and a tall glass of iced water!
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INSTAFREEBIE: https://www.instafreebie.com/free/pyYt9
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Gin & Wrath by Audra Hart

Book 2 - Gin and Wrath kindle mock up

M/F Fantasy BDSM Romance
Can Wrath, a demi-god with life-long domination tendencies, and Virginia, a sweet young woman with an independent streak a mile wide find common ground, while facing strange and supernatural danger? Let’s just say the sparks really fly between these two polar opposites and they will both surprise you as this supersonic paced fantastical adventure unfolds. This story often takes a humorous turn as Gin and Wrath deal with Destiny’s meddling in their lives, and the sexy BDSM action will inspire your hidden kinky side.
Universal Link: http://getBook.at/GinandWrath


Leo’s Salvation by AM Halford

Leo's Salvation - Kindle Mock up
Sexy M/M paranormal adventure
This engaging story features a powerful warlock with a snarky familiar who has been hiding from the council just to stay alive, and a grumpy Berserker bear badass allied with the Twin Ravens. This seemingly unlikely duo will find their destiny in each other’s arms while facing a deadly rogue vampire menace.

Universal Link:  http://getbook.at/LeosSalvation


Darkheart’s Salvation by Audra Hart

Book 4 DARKHEART kindle mock up

M/F Fantasy Romance
Get COZY with Audra’s BIG CAT SHIFTER, Silas Darkheart and his human mate, Valentina Morreti. This action packed tale is filled with magick, danger and enough sexiness to sizzle your kindle.
This novel is the vastly expand version of the short story, (Darkheart’s Valentine).
The moment their eyes meet, Silas KNOWS Valentina is his mate, but she turns and literally runs right into the arms of a killer!

One reviewer had this to say about the hero of this story:  Silas is so utterly Alpha male where Tina is concerned (Mine, keep, hold, protect) and Tina feels the connection but is so wary because this is a whole new world to her. It is far from easy for them but where love is concerned it never is.
Darkheart’s Salvation
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Universal Link: http://getbook.at/Darkheart


Coyote’s River by AM Halford

Book 5 - Coyote's River Kindle Mock up

M/M paranormal romance
This is a wonderful adventure with Sexy TRMC Enforcer, Coyote, a Navajo shifter and prickly but powerful warlock, River Vann. A rogue Immortal MC is in town harassing River. He’s perfectly capable of taking care of himself, but the threat ignites Coyote’s off the charts protective instincts. The back and forth between these two strong men is captivating and engaging. You’ll cheer for these two to find their way and purr contentedly once the sizzle begins in earnest!
Universal Link: http://getbook.at/CoyotesRiver


Devlin’s Desire by Elaine Barris

Devlin's Desire Kindle mock up

M/F fantasy romance
This sexy, action packed crossover tale brings a few of Elaine’s vampire characters from the Zane books and Master for Tonight stories into the universe of Audra Hart’s Tulsa Immortals. Vampire Devlin Wick is desperate to save his human lover Jolie from a rogue band of Stone Colds in TRMC territory. But the United Council of Immortals has ordered the Twin Ravens to remain hands off, leaving Devlin desperate for back up. But fear not, Devlin assembles a badass if eclectic team to save his lady love, and the TRMC is watching from shadows, lending support in secret. These characters and the flow of the action will have you riveted into your seat from the very beginning.
Universal Link: http://getbook.at/DevlinsDesire

BOOK 6.5

Primal Heat by Audra Hart

Book 7 - PRIMAL HEAT kindle mock up

A Beast Realm/Tulsa Immortals Novelette
M/F BDSM fantasy romance
A quick and very naughty read! Logan surprises his feisty mate by whisking her away to a private island in the Caribbean for a mini vacay at an ultra-exclusive resort, Primal Heat. The kinky tropical sexcapade that follows will definitely steam up the screen of your kindle!
Universal Link: http://getbook.at/PrimalHeat

More adventures coming soon from AM Halford & Audra Hart! Use the sign up form below to sign up to Audra’s News Letter to be informed when a new TULSA IMMORTALS story comes out!

 Book Seven

Twist of Time by Audra Hart

Kindle Mock Up of TWIST OF TIME.png

Book 7 – Twist of Time by Audra Hart

Left for dead in alley but Destiny intervenes! After being rescued by the Twin Ravens MC she falls heads over heels for two Enforcers, sexy ancient vampire and a powerful wolf shifter. But these two sexy bikers are already involved… with each other. Callie soon learns these males are her fated mates, and Destiny has a big plan for all three of them. An explosive attack on the Twin Ravens MC sends her into hiding with her mates until she is ready to face the supernatural villains who want her dead and gone!
If you enjoy hot and sexy romantic tales about vampires, shifters, dragons and a deadly, ancient goddess hell bent on unleashing Anarchy, you will love Twist of Time by Audra Hart. M/M/F Erotic Romance with some Hot and sometimes Kinky love scenes.



Book Eight

Thorn in Her Side by T. Mike McCurley

 kindle mock up - THORN IN HER SIDE

Book 8 – Throne in her Side by T Mike McCurley

(Action Tale with a Slow Burn Romance)

Zak Thorn is sorcerer and Enforcer with the Twin Ravens MC who hates Halloween, with good reason. Now his bad decisions are even causing problems with his brethren at the MC. But that fact pales in comparison when he awakens to find his drunken one night stand from the night before has jammed a shotgun into his face. Turns out, she’s a bounty hunter and someone wants him dead. Of course, that’s when his best friend and the MC’s highly valued attorney, Lori Dane, shows up to take him to cemetery to visit the graves of his murdered parents. The day goes downhill from there. A deadly attack in the graveyard nearly costs Thorn everything. Will Thorn realize what is right in front of him before it is too late?