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Welcome to Audra Hart’s Magickal Universe of the Tulsa Immortals.

Shifters, Vamps, Demi-gods & Guardians of ancient lore!

Complex characters, intricate story lines, and fast moving pace!

The Tulsa Immortals universe was created by Audra Hart, and first shared with her readers in the Airendell Chronicles series, and then expanded to include the Beast Realm Chronicles.  Now this exciting & Magickal Universe is having an exciting revival with the new TULSA IMMORTALS multi-author series.

This exciting new series contains books written by multiple other authors. Each fantastical tale is the brilliant creation of the individual authors, however, each author works in conjunction with Ms. Hart to ensure the series mythology, lore, and story lines mesh for our reader’s enjoyment.

Authors in the Tulsa Immortals Universe include:
Audra Hart
A.M. Halford
Elaine Barris (coming May 23, 2017)
Candi Fox (coming soon)
T Mike McCurley (coming soon)


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Let’s not forget DARKHEART’S VALENTINE!  This abridged version of this Tulsa Immortals tales is available exclusively in the Claiming My Valentine anthology.  This anthology was published on Valentine’s Day 2017 and the proceeds go to St. Jude’s.  So please get your copy today for ONLY 99 cents and support a great cause!



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coming this summer! 

Coming this summer (Hiro & Primal Heat covers) Tulsa Skyline

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