Cajun Queen and the Joker

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Things are getting STEAMY for the TULSA IMMORTALS when Jenniene, the sexy lil’ Cajun Queen who broke Joker’s heart over a century ago, shows up in Tulsa with BIG trouble hot on her heels.

Joker – This sexy hot mess is a hard ridin’, rough livin’ blood wolf who helps his brethren at the Twin Ravens MC keep the humans in Tulsa safe. This supernaturally sexy biker always has a sultry smile and a ready joke hide his broken heart.

Jenni – She’s a woman with secrets and a mission. As a demon touched slayer struggling to come to terms with her past mistakes, will she be able to get the help she needs from the Twin Ravens before it’s too late?

The deadly horde of Ghouls coming to Tulsa don’t give a damn, they are OUT FOR BLOOD! Specifically, the blood of the child Jenniene has sworn to keep safe.

Will Jenni’s arrival in Tulsa spell disaster for the Twin Ravens MC or a second chance for these star-crossed lovers?


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Teasers & Snippets

JOKER - time to face the music (Jenniene)


Without thought, I lean down and kiss the downy soft head of the child in my arms. “I won’t let you down, sweetheart.” This oft repeated vow has become my mantra and driving force for the last five days. It’s been a true nightmare, and I should feel relieved because I have finally, finally, made it to Tulsa after five hellish days on the run. But I didn’t really have a choice, I was entrusted with keeping this child safe from a rogue band of Ghouls. Those sick fucks are intent on using this child’s blood for some warped All Hallows ritual to strengthen their magick so they can take over New Orleans during Samhain.
Oh, hell no, that’s not gonna happen as long as I am able to draw a breath. Suck it up, buttercup. Whatever awaits inside is better than what I know hunts this kid out there. I can’t help but cast another glance over my shoulder at the encroaching darkness. Obviously, I am not able to actually see the building evil that is stalking this child, but I can damn sure feel it. This kid, my hometown, and maybe the whole freaking mortal realm are at risk, so I can pull up my big girl panties and face a group of Immortal outlaw bikers and beg their help. Yep… I got this. They can’t be so bad… can they? I fidget with the baby’s light blanket while I’m stalling at the door. COWARD! My inner voice, which sounds an awful lot like Mistress Leveau, sneers at me from my subconscious.
Time to face the music. The Twin Ravens MC, and especially the male who leads them, is the kid’s best hope. I know this, but I also know there’s another inside this building who will not welcome my presence in Tulsa with open arms. Not that I blame him one little bit. I was wrong. Very, very wrong. And to compound the very wrongness of my actions, I’ve allowed him to believe me dead for all these years. I’ve done dirt by that male in so many ways, and yet the moment I run into a problem I can’t handle on my own, I run to his people for help. That’s just messed up, on so many levels. I want to kick my own ass for being such a bitch to him all those years ago. Of course, I know I’m not going to get a warm reception here. Not from my former lover or his friends.


Joker teaser - always been yours

Without saying another word, she reaches out to take one of my hands into her own. I eagerly entwine our fingers as I search her face. We sit there searching each other’s souls for several silent moments before she lies back down on the bed, tugging me down to join her. Again, I cover her body with my own before leaning down to kiss her tenderly. I need her to feel our connection, to crave it as much as I do, because we haven’t sorted all our shit out yet. Not by a long shot. But this feels like a really good beginning.

Her nearness calls out to me; man, beast, and demon alike. I crave this woman as much as I crave blood or giving my beast free reign to roam the night. I need her and I want her to know that. Rocking my hips a bit so she can feel my hard cock pressing into her soft belly, I point out the obvious. “You do this to me, bébé. I still want you. That hasn’t changed. It’ll never change. But there’s more than the hot and naughty sex we used to enjoy together that I need from you. I need to know you are in it all the way this time.” I won’t survive it if she freaks out again and leaves me on my ass.
Pushing ahead, I decide to drop the big blood red elephant we’ve been ignoring into the middle of our little tête–à–tête. “You know I need to feed. Regularly.”

I can see she’s struggling to process this even though it’s something she has known about my need for blood for a long time. I guess knowing a thing, and truly facing all of the ramifications of such a truth, are not always easy to reconcile. As I search the depths of her lovely eyes for a clue as to what she’s thinking, I find myself wondering if it’s the blood I need to survive, or the commitment I need from her that’s giving her pause.

I can’t change the fact that I need blood, but I can assure her of our connection and my devotion to her. “You are mine, mon amour, just as I am yours.” I lean in and nip her bottom lip. I want a real taste, but I have to wait. I need her total consent, I need to know she really wants me, despite all my fucked up bullshit. “Always have been yours, always will be. The two of us are connected; heart, body, and soul – for good or ill, it’s fait accompli, a done deal. I’ll never knowingly let you down.” I grin wickedly and pour on the Cajun patois; “You’s stuck with me, bébé.”

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