Cajun Queen and the Joker

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Joker is a rough-edged, hard-drinking, Harley-riding protector who harbors a broken heart and a dark secret.

He’s a blood-wolf, a man whose soul is eternally bonded to a blood demon and a feral wolf. Dark magick evoked to save his life has left Joker a man who must feed upon blood to satiate his primal cravings, and take the form of a deadly wolf.
In 1872 this dark secret caused the only woman he’s ever loved to reject him for being a demon-tainted abomination.
Can a man so cruelly rejected by his one true love ever find peace?
This year, Jenniene – the sexy Cajun Queen who shattered Joker’s world with her terrified denunciation, returns to his life… in desperate need of his help and the protection of his MC.
Jenniene knows she overreacted upon learning her beloved’s true nature. Her own dark secrets and the judgmental teachings of her own mother led her to believe any stain by demon or beast irrevocably taints the soul. Time and necessity have taught Jenniene everything dark isn’t always evil. But is this wisdom and acceptance too little, too late?
True EVIL stalks Tulsa and an innocent child, who Jenniene has sworn to protect. Now the Immortal Enforcers of the Twin Ravens MC are scrambling to guard their secrets, while keeping the human realm safe.
But, Joker’s battles are much more personal.
How is his beloved little Cajun Queen still alive?
And does she have room in her heart for the man she deemed an abomination?
Join this sexy couple for a dark, yet sweet, erotic paranormal adventure with Twin Ravens MC of the TULSA IMMORTALS universe, created by Audra Hart.


Here’s an abridged snippet from the first chapter, but you can pick up the entire book for FREE at many outlets right now!

I absently reach up and tug on my earlobe in a futile attempt to lessen the almost painful irritation caused by the loathsome music blasting from the club’s sound system, as I survey the crowd and the clubhouse with a jaundiced eye.  My expression is likely marred by a belligerent sneer, as I glare balefully at all the over the top Halloween decorations displayed throughout the public part of the clubhouse.  Even the waitresses and dancers working the club in their barely-there, sexy-as-hell costumes do nothing to improve my mood.

Mortals and their blithe disregard for the seriousness and ever present danger of this time of year always irritates and confounds me.  I wonder why Tara allows the glittery bats, caldrons, and jack o’ lanterns to decorate her domain.  But considering where and who we are, it does make an odd, ironic sense.  The modern retail dream version of Halloween and the stark reality of the power this place possesses and defends, especially during All Hallows Eve, is truly a surreal juxtaposition of dreamlike fantasy and nightmarish reality.  I look around at the humans in the club tonight and snort my disbelief.  These mundanes are fucking clueless.

Irritating techno music begins to pound through the clubhouse as a new trio of strippers hit the small stages to begin flaunting their money-making assets.  Any other time of the year, I’d be watching them.  Enjoying the sex magick such places create, but not tonight.  Tonight, the dancers flaunting their bodies as they incite lust and carnal longing in their audience for profit doesn’t even remotely appeal to me.  Another tug on my ear lobe does nothing to sooth my irritation and my thoughts turn increasingly negative. 

Gods, I hate this shit!  I need another fuckin’ shot. 

I raise my beer bottle to my mouth, only to realize it’s empty, again.  With a wicked spate of foul language, I set the empty on the table top before dragging my hands over my shorn head.  Making a mental note that it’s time to shave again. I haven’t let my hair grow out like since…

Gods!  my fuckin’ head is all over the place tonight.  Get your shit together, Joker!

Beating myself up isn’t helping, so I decide to anesthetize myself with more hooch.  Intending to find that sexy new waitress, ….“Where dat pretty lil’ dawlin’ gots off to now?” I mumble, a bit drunkenly.  I’m chagrined to hear the Cajun patois in my words.  But it always comes out when I’m doing some serious drinking or pissed off.  Tonight, I am both.

Thoughts of the sexy new waitress quickly stir my thirst for blood and my animal need for sex.  The gal in question is young, and seems genuinely nice.  After watching her serve drinks to these rowdy jackasses tonight, I’ve realized she is also so very sweet, and so very innocent.  Hell, I can smell the fuckin’ innocence on that petit joli.  Virginal… untasted, in more ways than one.  I feel my fangs elongate and I growl my frustration at my lack of control this time of the year. 

This year is the worst yet, and I hate myself for lettin’ my brethren down this way.  I better get my shit under control.  We have real enemies to watch out for instead of my making my fellow enforcers watch me for signs that I’m gonna go rogue cuz I can’t deal with my past. 

But I seriously can’t stop watching Gin, the new waitress.  All the supes in the joint are drawn to her, maybe because it’s her first night slinging drinks here at the MC clubhouse, or maybe it’s something else.  Who knows?  But there’s no doubt that watching the sexy lil’ gal is entertainin’ as hell.  Apparently, in honor of Halloween approaching, she’s dressed up like some kid playin’ Cowboys and Indians.  Tight tank top that shows off the luscious tits, short cut-offs, and cowboy boots.  The clothes and boots seem natural for her, so I’m guessing she’s a country gal.  But the kid’s cowboy hat, perched on her head at a jaunty angle and tied under her chin so it will stay in place while she works her ass off in the club, and the toy six-shooters on her hips, are purely for show.  A cute costume on a cute kid. 

Lickin’ my lips in anticipation, I can’t help but think she’d certainly be a tasty morsel.  I’d like to bury myself balls deep in that tight, wet pussy, while I sink my fangs in her neck.  I tease the sharp tip of a fang with my tongue, even while I remind myself she’s not for me.  Giving my head a shake to clear the fog of lust, I remind myself that the sexy new waitress is an uninitiated mundane, and therefore, she’s completely off limits. 

“Yeah, off limits,” I remind myself out loud.  But I can still savor her scent and flirt shamelessly with her as she does her job.  Mostly, I just wanna watch those pretty tits as they try to push their way out of her tight tank top.  I know she’s an innocent, but she also knows sex sells.  While she ain’t really offering anything but a look at them purty titties, I can’t help but think of doing more than looking.  Thoughts of burying my face between those huge breasts, sinking my fangs into that tender flesh to feed on her virginal blood makes my cock hard, and awakens my demon side.  My eyes are probably glowing red, revealing my want… my need, for blood and sex. 

Reflexively, I close my eyes for a moment to get the sign of the devil under control.  After a moment or two, I look down at the beer bottle and play with what’s left of the label.  My innate survival instincts are kicking in without conscious thought.  Blood don’t tolerate us revealing our true selves to the mundanes, not even here at the MC with all the witchy magick that makes our customers forget what goes on here.  Outing what we are to the humans is just askin’ for it.

Merde!  I gotta get these lustful feelings outta my head before I lose my shit.  Those are dangerous thoughts. Allowing myself to think about that girl’s blood and body will only lead to me doing something incredibly stupid that will cause me to end up very dead.  Really dead.  The permanent kind.  Not the fake kind I endured back in 1789, when my Maman worked some mojo on me to save me from the hangman’s noose for killing that sadistic overseer. 

I reach down to rearrange my engorged cock to a less constricting position.  Day-um, that purty lil’ waitress is an abso-fuckin’-lutely gorgeous woman with those flashing sapphire blue eyes, wispy black hair and voluptuous figure.  Any man, Immortal or not, could easily lose himself between those lusciously big tits, round hips, and bodacious ass.  I sigh softly, knowing pursuing the girl would be folly of the worst kind.

Too fuckin’ bad for me and every other swingin’ dick here at the MC that the big Viking already has his sights set on her. 

Mayhap, I have already had enough to drink?  It takes a hella lot of booze to make any Immortal drunk, but I’ve been hitting Tara’s hard stuff about four hours already.  Yep, I’m probably well on my way to gettin’ drunker ‘n a skunk.  That’s not smart, considering how reckless I get this time of the year, but it ain’t stopping me from looking for the waitress to order more alcohol.  “Heh, heh, never said I was smart, now did I?”

“You planning on getting pissed-ass drunk and staying that way for the next four days, Joker?”  Demands Tara, fellow enforcer, vampire and master barkeep here at the MC.

I nod wordlessly and look down at the shots she’s lining up in front of me.  I reflexively lick my lips, anticipating the sting of the high proof rum.  Honestly, I’m not sure why my know it all friend is even asking questions when she already knows the fuckin’ answers.  I’ve been with the Twin Ravens since 1921 and this is not new behavior for me.  Every year around All Hallows Eve I go a bit crazy and truly earn my nickname.  Every fucking year I swim in the hooch for days on end, and then emerge on the other side, to pretend I didn’t just spend nearly a full week suspended in an alcoholic haze trying to run from my past. 

“Zeke, you are better than this.”   

I inwardly flinch at her use of my real name.  I’ve been known as Joker since I joined this MC nearly a century ago.  “It breaks my heart, brother, to watch you do this to yourself every All Hallows over some long dead mortal female who was just too stupid or scared to accept the gift she’d been given the day she met you.”  She smiles sadly and says; “Brother, you gotta let this go.  Let her go.  She’s been worm food for over a century.  Move on with your life… You won’t find peace in a bottle of my 190 proof rum.” 

I only nod.  What the fuck can I say to that?  I know I am being a pansy-ass.  It’s the same thing every fucking year.  Summer ends, and I turn into a woe-is-me asshole who spends his time getting drunk and wallowing in regrets and what-ifs.  This is so not who I am meant to be.  Not who I ever thought I would become.  But it’s my reality… for now.

Tara nods.  Obviously, she knows I’m not gonna pull myself up by my boot straps tonight; probably not any night in the immediate future.  …  “Go feed and fuck a live woman.  Forget about the dead human girl.”  Her words carry no judgment, just honest advice.  After a heartbeat, she smirks playfully at me and says; “Do it before I tell Blood you volunteered to patrol the trick or treaters this year.” 

I groan loudly at the thought.  Only the lowest ranking members or assholes who broke one of Blood’s few rules get stuck with trick or treat duty on Halloween.  It’s certainly not a task I would willingly volunteer for... No, tonight I am hankerin’ for a certain female from my past.  A raven-haired vixen in a cowboy get up struts by and distracts me.  But then again, that new waitress just might do in her stead.  She smells almost as sweet as my own lost love. 

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