Darkheart’s Valentine


4 Darkheart's Valentine 200x300Darkheart’s Valentine 

by Audra Hart


Noble Native American warrior and immortal enforcer, Silas Darkheart soon learns that rescuing his fated mate is easy, compared to winning her heart. Valentina Moretti is on the run for her life from “Others” and trusting in this new bond with Silas doesn’t come naturally for her.

Can using his ancient guardian magick to share the deepest, darkest recesses of their hearts in the magickal landscape of their shared dreams help these two find their destined happily ever after in the light of day?

[Sweet and Sultry M/F Fantasy Romance]

Here’s a slightly saucy excerpt for your reading enjoyment.

Darkheart's Valentine - I want more

DARKHEART’S VALENTINE Copyright (c) 2017 Audra Hart

Since the sun has gone, the temperature has dropped considerably and snuggling under the quilts of Darkheart’s bed sounds pretty amazing at the moment.  She tells him as much once he is wrapped around her body protectively in his bed. “It’s our bed, my little Wildcat. All that I have is also yours.” He spoons in closer from behind and Tina relishes the feel of his fully alert member against her backside. “After I claim you, my love, we will be one in all things. Absolute equals. Do you understand that?”


“I do…and… I… want… that,” Tina says between low moans as Silas nuzzles her neck to land several nipping kisses to the very sensitive area. “But you may need to remind me now and then. I grew up in a culture that said women were to be seen but not heard.”


Silas scoffs derisively. “That’s not right, and I think you have always known that in your heart, Valentina. Why else would you risk your life to get evidence against your own husband and the traffickers to turn them in?” Tina shudders in his arms at the thought of the horrors she witnessed. “Valentina, you are a strong female with an unerring sense of right and wrong. I’d be a fool not to see you as my equal or better.”
He chuckles and cups her breast comfortingly before he says; “I can be a pushy and dominating bastard in bed, and at times you may think I am crossing the line out of the bedroom, when I am only trying to keep you safe. And I am afraid to tell you this, but male shifters tend to be truly overbearing and overly protective when their females are carrying their young.”


He smiles as though the idea of Valentina being pregnant with his child delights him. “But Wildcat, I need for you to really hear me and take this message to heart when I tell you, you are my equal in all things… even before I claim you and give you a cat spirit of your own. You. Are. Most. Worthy.”


Darkheart’s confession melts away the last tiny vestiges of niggling doubt from Valentina’s heart and she turns in his arms to embrace him before capturing his mouth for a kiss that is fueled by their growing passion for each other and their solidifying bond as mates. Silas finally breaks the kiss by giving her bottom lip a playful nip. “Gods, Tina, your taste drives me wild. I want more. I want all of you, now and forever.”


“You have all of me, Silas Darkheart. As long as my heart beats it will only hold love for you.”


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