Gin & Wrath

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Gin and Wrath

Twin Ravens MC

A Tulsa Immortals Story – Book 2
By Audra Hart

Wrath, an immortal enforcer and ancient Norse demigod with savage desires and a need to utterly dominate, recognizes Virginia as his potential mate.


Gin, a competent and capable professional, is as sweet as an Oklahoma spring morning, but will she be tough enough to handle Wrath’s dark demands and the supernatural target on her back?


Can two divergent hearts triumph to fulfill a magickal destiny?

[Sexy M/F Paranormal BDSM Adventure]

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Teasers & Snippets



G&W teaser - good girl follows rules

She moves over and retrieves more items for the coffee service. I watch as she pours sugar into a delicately painted china receptacle, apparently designed for the task. She gets a carton of cream from the refrigerator and fills an identically painted china piece that looks like a miniature pitcher. I chuckle at her going through all of this fuss for a group of outlaw bikers.


When I say as much she smiles. “You are guests in my home.” Her shoulders lift in a small, embarrassed shrug. “Guests always get the fine china.” She retrieves a large sealed plastic container from the counter and begins to set homemade pastries on a china platter that matches the coffee service. She smiles up at me shyly and murmurs; “Wrath, I am just a small town girl with small town ways. I am an ultra-careful, good girl who always follows the rules. And the rules of hospitality demand the good china and full coffee service for guests.”

My inner Dom smiles wickedly at her assertion she always follows the rules, but I simply nod silently and mull over the rest. I doubt she realizes how much she truly just revealed about herself. I can tell she does live her life by a strict code or a set of rules. She is a good girl who is normally ultra-careful with her actions. But entertaining three outlaw bikers in her home like we are honored guests isn’t being all that careful or proper.

So decency and kindheartedness outweigh her rules and caution?

It would seem so. Somehow, that really doesn’t surprise me. This female is good down to her very marrow, of that, I have no doubt. I patiently watch her add the finishing touches to her serving tray, but when she moves to heft the heavily laden tray, I order her out of the way.


“That’s too heavy, I will carry it for you.” I inwardly wonder what the hell has gotten into me. The tray isn’t that heavy and Virginia is certainly not a tiny, weak girl. She’s as tall and powerful as the mortal Amazons of ancient times.


GW teaser - I am named WRATH 2


Odin’s Fenrir- Targa

“Uh the whole anger management thing… Sweetie, his name is actually Wrath. It’s not a club name. Odin used magick to birth him on a Hellheimr wolf, and then left him in her not so tender loving care for over two hundred years in order to turn him into the embodiment of wrath. He is wrath, anger, ire, rage, and fury personified.”

To say that I am horrified by this revelation would be a gross understatement of epic proportions. I silently vow to give Odin a piece of my mind if I ever have the misfortune of meeting the sadistic scum-wad face to face.

“Why?” I whisper weakly. I am feeling horrified to know that Wrath, the man I am so unreasonably connected to, had to endure such despicable treatment at the hands of his own father.

Kat sighs softly and says; “What do you know about Norse mythology?”

“Not a lot,” I admit. I know Odin is the king of Norse gods and the god of war, but he’s also supposed to be some sort of seer and possessor of some great wisdom… Even his pet ravens, Thought and Memory, are symbols of knowledge. I wonder briefly if that is why the MC is called the Twin Ravens, but I can’t get bogged down, I need to understand why Wrath was created to be the living, breathing personification of wrath.

I rack my brain trying to remember what little I know about Odin, but I keep coming back to his penchant for gaining wisdom and knowledge. Knowledge Odin used to protect the gods under his rule and humanity. And that’s when the light bulb clicks on. Odin is known for going to ridiculous lengths to gain wisdom and knowledge. In fact, if I am not mistaken, he allowed himself to be hung on the tree of life or some such thing, with a spear through is side for over a week to gain wisdom. Anyone willing to do that to himself to achieve a goal, would have no problem doing what he did to Wrath.

“Well, crap,” I breath. “He created a child and left it in hell to be tortured to create a being of wrath… for what purpose?”

“To prevent the end of the worlds.” Kat looks glum when she confides; “Wrath protected Odin during Ragnarök. His intervention and protection of Odin during that battle changed fate, caused this massive cosmic re-wind. At some point, the universes will win out, and the foretold fate will come true. But Wrath’s birth and cruel upbringing enabled Odin to use him to forestall his demise, and the fall of the Norse pantheon and mankind. That is why he is known as Odin’s Wolf Shield. He protects Odin and his interests.”



GW - tired of wimpy heroines check out Gin


Those fisted hands are back on my female’s luscious round hips as she glares angrily at me … after several tense moments her features contort into an aloof smirk. “I know you see me as weak and insignificant, Wrath, but you are wrong. Dead. Flipping. Wrong.”

I can hear Tank chuckle behind me, and I know it’s because even though my female is irate, her vocabulary remains PG. She meant it when she told me she was a small town girl with small town ways.


GW - dark side explored sexy teaser w flames


Gin & Wrath is the 2nd installment of over top supernatural sexiness to be found at the Twin Ravens MC. Meet this Immortal band of enforcers who ride hard, live free, and love rough as they guard the secrets of the paranormal underworld and protect the human realm in Tulsa.

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