Twist of Time

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Twist of Time – Twin Ravens MC
A Tulsa Immortals Story – Book 6
By Audra Hart

Left for dead in alley after a savage vampire attack, Callie awakens to a new destiny with two amazing immortals at her side. But her new life isn’t all fun and naughty ménage games because the goddess Anarchy is gunning for Callie and her men.

Can this unlikely triad of mates triumph over their enemies and fulfill their magickal destiny?

[M/M/F Paranormal Ménage Romantic Adventure]



This is an epic tale of love without boundaries, a sexy MMF ménage fantasy adventure featuring Vampires, Shifters and one very “chompy” Dragon.  Indulge your darker desires with this sultry saga is set in the Tulsa Immortals universe.   Adult Content abounds in this tale.

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Teasers and Snippets


Destiny has a plan for Callie and her two males… they just don’t know it yet!

Twist of Time - thoughts of the female between Nyle & Kazar

Nyle is distracted when the scent of popcorn and cotton candy hits his nostrils. He looks up to see an unknown human female walk through the front door of the MC. She is a pretty, if average looking, human with big whisky brown eyes and rich cinnamon hued hair that looks as soft as silk. The female looks around uncertainly at the loud gathering in the MC clubhouse.

Despite her insecurity, Nyle sees a strength and determination in her spirit that many would miss. But Nyle is a Dom at heart, he may not go in for all the protocol and sexual play in public at the clubs that have become so popular in recent times, but he has the appraising eye of a Dom. And this reserved human female has the heart of a sexual submissive with hidden depths and passions just waiting for the right Dominant to unlock. When the pretty girl drops an old whale bone corset from the untidy wad of fabric in her arms, she leans over to pick it up and nearly loses her balance because of her awkward hold on her bundle.

The Celtic shifter is at her side in an instant. He gently grasps her upper arm to keep her steady before bending to retrieve the fallen garment. The electricity which zings almost painfully from his hand and throughout his body at the contact with this female is unsettling. Her sweet and homey scent tantalizes his nostrils and fires his libido. Nyle can’t help but appreciate what little he can see of her feminine form and he instantly feels guilty for experiencing this level of attraction for another.

After all, he is a mated male. A mated male who has been without his mate for five years and desperately yearns to have him back in his arms. He looks around, wondering when his beloved Kazar will arrive. But he licks his lips and looks back at the reticent human female before him. The connection and instant attraction he feels for this female is so reminiscent of his first meeting with Kazar that he feels like his heart has been punched by the cold hand of fate.

* * * * *

Despite his inner struggle, he cannot deny the fact that this very average looking and wary female enthralls him. He longs to reach out and stroke her hair to see if it is truly as soft as it appears. He longs to pick her up and carry her to the room he shares with Kazar to nurture and protect her.

Thoughts of himself and Kazar stripping this female naked to cherish and possess her ripe, lush body makes the shifter go hard in an instant, and his inner beast howls his approval with the plan.

But thoughts of Kazar act like a bucket of cold water on his runaway libido. Yeah, that’s right, asshole. Kazar? Ring a bell? You know, your mate, whom you have not seen in over five years?

Nyle is feeling confused and angry. He has not had sex with or even been interested in another person since meeting Kazar over twenty years ago. And yet, after a few years away from his mate, his fickle wolf and cock suddenly decide to go ape-shit over some human female? What the fuck?

Before Nyle can mentally thrash himself any further, a very familiar and beloved scent assails his senses and rips his attention from the human female, his brethren, and everything else in the entire realm.


The connections between this sexy triad often take a dark and sexy turn… 

TOT - Kazar his feral ferociity

Her savagely handsome vampire shakes his head slowly and turns his back to Callie in a blatant dismissal. “If I give in to… this right now, you would hate me forever.” Those painful words are like a dagger to Callie’s heart. Before she can think better of it, she rushes forward to wrap her arms around his waist in a loving embrace. “You are playing a dangerous game, little dragon,” Kazar snarls ferociously.

Before Callie can question her vampire, he turns to capture her mouth for a savage and lustful kiss, all while backing her into the wall of the farmhouse. His primal ferocity steals her breath away as his fully extended fangs slash her lip. When he snarls and begins to suck at the tiny wound, Callie whimpers her surrender and entwines her fingers in his thick, black hair to hold him near as she reciprocates the wicked kiss. Her own sleeping animal lust ignites red hot as her skillful lover claims her eager mouth with lips, tongue, and fangs. The kiss leaves Callie desperate for more, but her lungs are screaming for air.

When she pulls back to breathe, her vampire emits an involuntary hiss of displeasure over the lost contact and he mindlessly reaches out to reclaim his lover. “I need…” Kazar growls before his protective nature rises to the fore and he rips himself away from his female mate, and turns his back to lean over panting as a human would do after running a marathon. With his hands resting upon his knees, he closes his eyes because he is unable to meet her gaze. A pain filled snarl is torn from his lips as the heady, intoxicating scents of her arousal waft to him upon the gentle breeze. Kazar turns so that he can lean one hand against the wall to keep himself upright where he bends over, still gasping as though pushed beyond his physical endurance. With his eyes clamped shut, he forces his darker needs into the background so that he can once again face his young, inexperienced mate without losing control.

“Kazar?” Callie beseeches querulously, reaching out uncertainly to touch his shoulder. A touch he shrugs off with a snarl. “Did I do something wrong?”

At first, the vampire can only mutely shake his head. After a moment, he regains enough control to speak. “I need to dominate, Callie. To take. To control and to utterly savage my lover. I need to do… horrible things… to you,” Kazar admits reluctantly. He finally opens his eyes which are blazing scarlet because his lust for blood and violent sex is so great.



As Callie changes in preparation for her magickal destiny she often surprises her two immortal mates as much as she surprises herself.  She will need to embrace her “Primal Side” so that she can face her majestic destiny.

TOT - hell yeah bring it


Kazar leans down to kiss Nyle’s mouth, possessively, hungrily, making both men growl even more loudly as Callie watches enraptured by their connection. Nyle reaches over and grasps Callie by the back of her neck to tug her closer. “Kiss your lovers, aingeal míne. Savor your honey on our lips.”

With an eagerness that surprises them all, Callie complies. She attacks Nyle’s mouth, her tongue invading to seek out the heady concoction of their combined tastes. She moans as she deepens the kiss, grasping the side of his beloved face with both of her hands as she takes possession of her male’s mouth, leaving her mark of ownership there. As she pulls back, she nips his lip hard enough to draw blood and greedily sucks the red fluid from the wound.

“You are mine,” she growls in a wholly inhuman voice. “Always mine.”

She turns her attention to Kazar and he gasps because her eyes are glowing crimson. “You as well, vampire.”


Reserved and stoic Callie is nowhere to be found as she claims his mouth with a fervor that speaks of great need and hunger. She explores her vampire lover’s mouth boldly, with a savage intensity that astounds and delights Kazar. Her tongue and lips are plainly marking him as her own. With a wicked gleam in those eerie red eyes she withdraws just enough to nip his lip with teeth that are sharper than they should be, to draw blood, and greedily feast upon his life giving essence. “Always mine,” she snarls




TOT - This one has it all (Review)

Full Blurb


Left for dead in a dark alley, Callie Boyd believes her quiet, little solitary life in Tulsa, Oklahoma is coming to a spectacularly horrifying end at the vicious teeth of a vampire. Yes, a vampire. Who knew those guys were even real?

When Callie wakes up in the clubhouse of the local outlaw motorcycle gang, she discovers vampires are not the only supernatural beings stalking the darkened byways and shady underworld of Tulsa. After recovering from the attack, she goes to work to rebuild her life.

Callie falls hard for a couple of sexy paranormal bikers, but thinks finding her own happily-ever-after is simply impossible because they are both already involved with someone else… each other. However, our feisty heroine soon understands Kazar the ancient vampire and Nyle the wolf shifter are her fated mates, and Destiny has a big plan for all three of them.

An explosive attack on the Twin Ravens MC sends Callie fleeing into the arms of Kazar and Nyle. They soon realize the supernatural bad-guys want Callie dead and gone. But Callie is growing into her own majestic magickal destiny, and the gods have decreed she will be part of an amazing power triad.




If you enjoy hot and sexy romantic tales about vampires, shifters, dragons and deadly ancient gods hell bent on world domination, you will love Twist of Time.

Sizzle Alert – this story contains one seriously hawt M/M/F adventure with lots of over the top, fun, and fantasy action. Join Audra’s bad-a$$ heroine in a tale filled with snarky humor, sometimes explicit and often kinda kinky sexy times, a bit of filthy language, and enough plot twists to give a reader vertigo.


Twist of Time – Twin Ravens MC