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Audra’s Review of Cynthia Knoble’s Claimed by Her Wolves

✫✫✫✫ 4 Stars! ✫✫✫✫

Ms. Knoble’s tagline is Hot with a Plot and she certainly delivers with this tale!
There is LOTS of Steamy bedroom action in this fantastical tale about a human female who suddenly discovers the paranormal is real and directly impacts her life – in form of 3, yep count ’em, 3 bad-ass, strong, Alpha Male mates! EEEEEEK!
And to further complicate things, there is a biological pull between mates which produces physical pain and illness. Double EEEEEEK!
Add an outside threat, a murder, hot tempers and big mouths into the mix and BLAMO you have one helluva wild ride!

Her Robot Wolf Cover

BOOK TITLE  Her Robot Wolf: Gift of Gaia

AUTHOR:     Jenny Schwartz

GENRE:     Space opera, paranormal romance, Sci-Fi Adventure


Available on Kindle Unlimited

DATE OF REVIEW:    June 5, 2017

REVIEWED BY:     Audra

STAR RATING:    5 Stars

HEADLINE:    Fresh, inventive, sexy, and entertaining.


I truly enjoyed this story! To my thinking, the basic concept for the tale and backstory were utterly intriguing. There are enough of my favorite story elements commonly found in Shifter Romance in this Sci-Fi adventure to appease my girly side. There are also space pirates, bounty hunters, psychic warriors, and alien worlds/species aplenty to delight my geeky side. The author skillfully weaves enough intrigue, deception, hidden agendas, and ancient mysteries/secrets in the mix to make the suspense/thriller lover in me purr like a kitten with bowl of cream.

This story is very well written, and advances at rapid pace, but never makes the reader feel as though the plot has left them behind. The author created complex, multi-dimensional characters who are likeable and engaging. The protagonists come together to face intrigue and often incredibly dangerous conflicts during the story line. Vulf and Jaya come face to face with a surprising and formidable villain, while coming to terms with their mating heat, and unavoidable demands on their individual lives.

At the end of the story, the author asks the readers if they want to see more adventures from Vulf and Jaya… HECK YEAH! More, please.

Their Cajun Queen by Kasey Belle

Kasey Belle - Their Cajun Queen

Here’s Audra’s review of the first book in a truly terrific Shifter Romance series which has been seriously under-reviewed.  The entire series is entining and sexy as heck!  Keep reading for Audra’s Review of the first book in the Copper Creek Pack series by Kasey Belle.

BOOK TITLE Their Cajun Queen

Copper Creek Pack series Book – 1

AUTHOR:     Kasey Belle

GENRE:     Shifter Ménage Romance


DATE OF REVIEW:    May 15, 2017

REVIEWED BY:     Audra


HEADLINE:    This story hit me in the FEELS!


Their Cajun Queen was a massive rollercoaster ride of action and emotion for me to read and enjoy. This story contains some really dark scenes, riveting action, and steamy intimacy, and the author uses these events to make the reader FEEL! I smiled. I chuckled. I smirked. I laughed out loud. I gasped in outrage. I cringed in sympathetic fear and disgust over the vile offenses the female lead suffered and then I cheered out loud when she repeatedly showed her mettle. I cried, more than once, and will probably cry again when I re-read this book because this one certainly goes on my READ-IT-AGAIN-MA’AM pile!

The Alpha Males were a bit over the top and way too freakin’ demanding at times, but that’s part and parcel for this trope. But they are loving and protective, and that’s why we love them in our romantic fiction. No worries, the heroine handles them well, and the little girl steals the show when she wraps the entire pack around her little finger.

J Richards BOY TOY cover


AUTHOR:   J. Richards

GENRE:   Contemporary/Erotica


DATE OF REVIEW:   October 10, 2016


STAR RATING:   4 Stars

HEADLINE:  Tasty Boy Toy


A quick and highly entertaining read that doesn’t skimp on plot or steamy action!

The naughty action is HOT and well written. The characters are likeable and relatable!

I was delighted to discover that the overall story line was very sweet and real to life.

And the HEA will leave you with a big smile on your face as you power down your kindle!


Candi Fox - Strange Beginnings cover


Strange Beginnings

(The Killing Chronicles – Book 1)


AUTHOR:  Candi Fox

GENRE:  Paranormal Crime Thriller – Erotic Content


DATE OF REVIEW:  October 14, 2016


STAR RATING:  4.5 Stars

HEADLINE:  Nice Job, Ms. Fox!


Solid 4.5 Stars!

Crime thriller with a paranormal twist! The paranormal aspects of the story were very well written… and the Villain was truly Villainous! While the heroes were truly heroic! Well-developed characters and setting. The plot was intricate enough to hold the reader’s interest without making you say, “What the heck just happened?” 

Nice job, Ms. Fox! I can’t wait to read the next book.